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Proper skincare starts internally with our physical and mental health. When we’re stressed, worn down, dehydrated, ailing, unhealthy, it all shows up on the surface — most notably on our skin. Thuyen Nguyen is known from Manhattan to Montauk as the facialist to the stars, but his brand is much more than skin deep. With 26 years of wellness expertise, Thuyen stands out as a holistic practitioner aimed at improving overall well-being from the inside out.

“Skincare is half psychology. The more we allow mental and emotional stress to impact our internal balance the more our skin will show the ‘wear and tear’ from the daily grind that we all endure.”— Thuyen Nguyen

Thuyen Nguyen and Nicole Teitler.

In May of this year, Thuyen opened the doors to a carefully designed wellness destination in East Hampton, Curated by THUYEN, that invites guests to escape their every day lives and immerse in self-care.

The Facial Room

A single private treatment room welcomes clients to partake in healing sessions that last one hour. Choose between the signature facial that Thuyen performs with his own hands (a true massage just for the face), innovative cryo sculpting and cellulite services by Tiffany Lee of Viva Cryo, and nutrition consultations from anti-aging specialist Cindy Chang.

The decor of antique, Asian wood furnishings and artisan pieces were meticulously hand-picked for a fully transformative experience to allow complete relaxation for any treatment of choice.

Retail Therapy

Before or after a special treatment in the facial room partake in some retail therapy. All items sold at Curated by THUYEN were chosen with the intention to enhance mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. Each company holds a special connection between Thuyen, his clients, and the community at large to provide pure, positive energy.

“It’s simple: the highest form of energy that breaks down any walls, heals, inspires and is infectious to our deepest parts of our heart and soul is love. When I work I am exchanging love and nurture, so every brand and artisan that’s featured in this shop has a true connection to me and my ethical standards.” — Thuyen Nguyen

Shop the exclusive capsule collections by Casa Nata (Germany), Saaksha & Kinni summer dresses (hand-embroidered in India), ultra soft summer cashmere scarfs with endless custom prints designed by retail shop partner James Paul Cheung (USA). Indulge in an artisan jewelry collection, co-designed by Thuyen himself and west coast jewelry designer Sonia Hay, featuring handmade pieces with rare stores and crystals.

A positive mind-body connection boosts the immune system and overall well-being. When we’re happy and healthy it shows. But what makes Thuyen unique is the love he puts into every detail of the store, his guests, and the world around him. When you walk through the doors of Curated by THUYEN you are entering a home that always has the door open.

Thuyen has locations in the Hamptons and Tribeca but half of the practice involves house-calls. He makes weekly drives along the South Fork and will do trips around New York City and Connecticut for VIP clients. Contact him for more information. Email Thuyen@Thuyenskincare.com.

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Nicole Teitler

Nicole Teitler is an award-winning journalist from Long Island, better known professionally as Nikki On The Daily™. She has reported for numerous publications but is mostly remembered by her work for Hamptons based publication, The Independent Newspaper. In addition to her love of writing, Nicole is an animal rescue and wildlife advocate. In her spare time, she can be found guzzling coffee, hiking, or trying new restaurants. Follow @nikkionthedaily / www.nikkionthedaily.com

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