White Room Gallery Presents ‘Playtime’ With Seek One

The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton presents “Playtime” featuring artist Seek One as well as a variety of other artists.

Seek One, a native of Philadelphia, began writing graffiti at the age of 15. After being raised in the graffiti and the skateboard scene, with years of experimenting in different mediums, along with a business and fine art degree, Seek One was born. He rediscovered his love for street art in 2015 when he began to transition to fine art. His work represents a combination of photography and graffiti expressed in a mixed media style deriving influence from pop culture and street styles.

“As a contemporary artist, I aim to develop one of one pieces of fine art that bring iconic figures, vintage media, and street style into one,” said the artist. “My work stems from my background as a graffiti street artist and photographer while also depicting nostalgic influences from my childhood and world travels.

“Why should kids have all the fun? It’s time that adults got to celebrate their toys and take back the arena of play, or, at the very least, share it. Together with renowned artist Seek One, we have created an exclusive luxury line of fine art titled ‘Playtime,’” said a statement from Andrea McCafferty and Kat O’Neill, the gallery’s co-owners and directors. “The best you can drive, wear, sip and stroll are lionized in vibrant mixed media creations.”

Artists include Nelson De La Nuez, Tran$parent, Russell Young, Stuart Yankell, Greg Miller, Punk Me Tender, Joseph Kraham, Jack Flo, Markus Klinko, Craig Alan, Mr. Brainwash, Fringe, and more.

The show opens on May 4 and runs through May 6. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 6, from 5 to 7 PM. 

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