East End Community Spotlight: i-tri

James Lane Post presents the “East End Community Spotlight” series, highlighting non-profit organizations doing work on the East End. To submit a non-profit organization to be featured in this series, email info@jameslanepost.com.

i-tri is a community-based organization that works with 13 school districts across the East End, empowering adolescent girls as they train to complete a youth-distance triathlon. We learned more about the program.

Can you tell us about your organization?

i-tri is an inclusive, community-based program that fosters self-respect, personal empowerment, self-confidence, positive body image, and healthy lifestyle choices for adolescent girls. i-tri participants train mind, body, and spirit to complete a youth-distance triathlon as a metaphor for life’s journey, giving them the opportunity and the tools to achieve seemingly impossible goals. Along their way to the finish line, i-tri participants develop strong habits and attitudes that last a lifetime. This program is always free of charge to every participant.

Could you talk about the importance of this work on the East End?

i-tri partners with 13 school districts across the East End of Long Island from Mastic to Montauk. Over the past 14 seasons, 1200-plus participants have crossed the finish line of a youth-distance triathlon.

Our participants come from typically marginalized populations here on the East End and from families that struggle financially. By making our program free of charge to every participant, we remove the financial barriers to participation.

Why middle school? Because research shows that the largest drop in self-esteem occurs during early adolescence. 69% of elementary school-aged girls reported being “Happy the way I am,” and that figure plummets to 29% for high school girls. i-tri was created and consistently adapts to best support vulnerable youth in this transitory phase through a holistic program focused on sport, fitness, nutrition, empowerment, and mental health.

How can the East End community get involved?

We are so grateful for our community! You can volunteer at our triathlon, you can participate as a mentor at our annual Mentoring Day, you can make a donation to our program, you can sponsor an event, and you can help spread the word about what we do!

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jennifer Fowkes at jenn@itrigirls.org or 631-268-8684.

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