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Embarking on an odyssey rooted in a passion for interior and furniture design, Quinn Pohfal, the visionary force behind Jetsam Studio, found early inspiration amid the bustling creativity of a 20-year career with Ralph Lauren. After immersing himself in the world of conceptualization and lifestyle development, Quinn felt the call for an uncharted adventure, a canvas where his artistry could unfurl unbounded. Thus, Jetsam Studio was born in the Hamptons, where artistic expression intertwines with curated elegance, transcending geographical boundaries to become a beacon of sophisticated elegance. In this exclusive interview, Quinn unveils the ethos and journey of Jetsam Studio, offering insights into the principles, collaborations, and inspirations that have propelled the firm from its humble beginnings to its current status as a global hub attracting the gaze of the most discerning designers and enthusiasts.

Quinn Pofahl. Photo: @garruppo

What pivotal moment sparked your passion for interior and furniture design, leading to the establishment of Jetsam Studio?

I have always been interested in interior design. After working at Ralph Lauren for many years, developing concepts and lifestyles, I wanted to do something different. Starting my own Studio was a great way to focus my creativity and meet people to develop relationships. This, of course, went far beyond the Hamptons quickly. Some of the most talented designers I have admired found the Studio; now, it has become a great resource for unique pieces.

How do you ensure that Jetsam Studio remains at the forefront of innovation and design excellence in a rapidly evolving industry?

I try to find unique pieces that are one of a kind and have an interesting provenance. There are pieces by Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, Guillerme et Chambron, and Royére, plus a few unknown artists that produced works of the same integrity during the time. Since they are unique, Jetsam Studio is constantly evolving as pieces change. The space is different all the time as we bring in different artists.

Hamptons Interior Designer
Photo: @garruppo

Could you delve deeper into the unique blend of contemporary and timeless elements that define your signature style? What style would you classify your work?

I would probably best define my style as eclectic. I like to mix different styles and time periods in a way that contrasts but complements the overall story.

In every project, there are elements of surprise that spark attention. One piece that comes to mind is the Amanda Means Water Glass series. Her photograph is large-format, an up-close look at a single glass of water with every bead of condensation sharply defined for the viewer.

Hamptons Interior Designer
Photo: @garruppo

What key principles or values drive Jetsam Studio’s approach to crafting truly exceptional spaces?

We approach every project as a unique environment. Every client has different expectations, but everyone wants a “wow” moment. Art is usually one of the first conversations, and then there are many more to understand the needs of each individual. We always avoid cookie-cutter fabrics or furniture stories that are expected.

You have a beautiful one-of-a-kind boutique with furniture, accessories, and decor. What’s your most popular piece, and which one is your favorite?

I have a fantastic pair of very rare chairs by Pierre Jeanneret that I desperately want for myself. His work from Chandigarh, India, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, in collaboration with his cousin Le Corbusier, is always the most popular piece in the studio.

Collaboration is often hailed as a cornerstone of creativity. How do you harness the power of collaboration to elevate your design projects? Do you work with architects, landscapers, and builders?

We do work with architects and builders consistently. It is always welcome to have like-minded creative people on a project working towards the same goal. Collaboration leads to more dynamic ideas and working alone is just not as fun.

How have your global travels enriched your design sensibilities and influenced your creative vision?

I love to travel more than anything. Getting out there to see the world and different cultures makes an impression on so many design selections. I particularly love to find obscure pieces in unknown shops or little flea markets. These are truly special pieces.

Designing houses for over 20 years has enlightened my perspective. Each project has a 21st-century eye that makes them modern yet timeless. My aesthetic layers different periods and cultures, mixing the pristine and the patinated. I like interiors that are refreshingly unique, incorporating pieces specific to the location and travels from abroad. — Quinn Pohfal

 What books, websites, and apps do you read for inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Travel, real estate, Instagram, and we are always picking up new books and magazines. Plus, there are always a few rabbit holes to dive into on Pinterest.

Reflecting on your illustrious portfolio, can you share a project that epitomizes Jetsam Studio’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations?

One of my favorite projects is a home that was originally built as an art studio in the 1920s. To retain the artistic vibe, the space is layered with art and inspiring objects. Instead of an area rug, there is an enormous hand-painted drop cloth that ties everything together and serves as an ode to the building’s original intent.

How do you adapt your design approach when working on projects nestled within the serene ambiance of the Hamptons?

The Hamptons has such a broad scope of homes. There are many grand traditional homes, and there are also many unique and experimental architectural gems. It is one of the many things that originally attracted me to the Hamptons.

Hamptons Interior Designer
Photo: @garruppo

What enduring wisdom or insights would you impart to aspiring designers seeking to carve their niche in the competitive interior and furniture design world?

Trends come and go so quickly — I try not to lean into that too far. Good design comes in all shapes and sizes — chic and tranquil, wild and unexpected. It’s all about how it comes together as a whole. There is a casualness in design now that feels unpretentious and allows more freedom for both new and established designers.

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