Up-And-Coming Agents To Know In Hamptons Real Estate: Michele Mahl

Michele Mahl of The Agency is a textbook success story of shifting careers brilliantly. With a career spanning over two decades in commercial real estate and capital markets, she’s now turning her expertise toward the storied landscapes of the Hamptons. She brings a wealth of experience and a passion for service to the luxury residential market, where she is now brokering multi-million dollar deals.

Transitioning from advising on some of the nation’s most prestigious hotels to curating bespoke experiences in residential real estate, Mahl is poised to make her mark. Her background speaks volumes: having facilitated over $65 billion in property sales, debt placements, and advisory assignments, Mahl’s track record is a testament to her skill and dedication.

During her tenure at Eastdil Secured, Mahl played a pivotal role in landmark transactions, including the Waldorf Astoria New York, Four Seasons Washington D.C., and the W Hotel Union Square New York. A graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, Mahl’s affinity for the Hamptons stretches back to her childhood when she cultivated a deep connection to the area. She is now a resident of Water Mill.

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Michele Mahl. Courtesy of The Agency

Transitioning from commercial real estate to luxury residential properties in the Hamptons is quite a shift. What inspired this career change, and how do you plan to leverage your extensive experience and expertise in the residential market?

My decision to embark on this new path was inspired by a multitude of factors. While on the surface, transitioning from commercial real estate to luxury residential properties in the Hamptons may seem like a significant shift, I view it as a seamless transition. Drawing from my 20+ years of commercial transaction experience, I plan to leverage overlapping skill sets to succeed in this exclusive region. My extensive background in luxury real estate has equipped me with a detailed understanding of market dynamics, client preferences, and negotiation strategies, all of which are invaluable assets in navigating the high-end residential market of the Hamptons. Moreover, transitioning to this new phase in my career was not taken lightly but was driven by a combination of personal motivations and professional aspirations. I was particularly influenced by Tyler and Dana’s vision to foster a culture of partnership and collaboration, mirroring the ethos encapsulated in The Agency founder Mauricio Umansky’s “Rulebook.” This commitment to excellence and client-centric service resonates deeply with me, further motivating my transition into the luxury residential market of the Hamptons.

With a remarkable track record advising on some of the most prominent hotel transactions in the U.S., how do you believe your background in capital markets and commercial real estate will benefit your clients in the luxury residential market of the Hamptons?

My background in capital markets and commercial real estate provides me with a distinct perspective that sets me apart from others. Drawing from my experience advising on prominent hotel transactions, I approach each home as not only just a place of residence, I see it also as an investment opportunity. This dual lens allows me to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of not only the emotional aspects of homeownership but also the underlying financial considerations. By seamlessly blending my deep understanding of complex transactions with the nuances of luxury residential real estate, I offer clients comprehensive guidance tailored to their unique needs and investment objectives.

Having been involved in over $65 billion of property sales and advisory assignments, you bring a wealth of experience to your role. Can you share some insights into how your past transactions in commercial real estate inform your approach to residential real estate?

Drawing from my extensive experience and expertise in the real estate industry, I’ve gained invaluable insights that inform my approach to serving clients. One key lesson learned from my commercial real estate background is the importance of thorough market analysis. Understanding market trends and opportunities is crucial in both sectors, enabling me to provide clients with informed guidance and strategic advice. Additionally, my experience in negotiating complex commercial deals has equipped me with strong negotiation skills that are equally applicable to the residential market. Whether it’s securing favorable terms or navigating intricate deal structures, I leverage these skills to advocate for my clients’ best interests. Furthermore, my commitment to meticulous attention to detail ensures that every residential transaction is approached with care and precision. Lastly, throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside real estate leaders and learning from amazing mentors. Their guidance and insights have been instrumental in shaping my approach and reinforcing the importance of integrity, professionalism, and client-centric service.

Graduating with distinction from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration is an impressive achievement. How do you believe your education has shaped your career trajectory and prepared you for success in the real estate industry?

Graduating from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey. Not only did it provide me with an exceptional comprehensive education, but it also instilled invaluable life lessons and skills. The Hotel School’s emphasis on networking and fostering strong connections has been vital to my success. Understanding the importance of building relationships has been essential in establishing rapport with clients and industry professionals throughout my career. Additionally, the focus on delivering the highest level of service with meticulous attention to detail ensures that I provide exceptional client experiences. Furthermore, my education led me to my 16-year tenure at Eastdil Secured, one of the leading real estate investment banking platforms. This experience was instrumental in shaping my career, providing me with the knowledge, skills, and ability to transact on several prestigious real estate properties.

Your affiliation with various organizations supporting causes you are passionate about reflects your commitment to giving back to the community. How do you integrate philanthropy into your professional endeavors, and do you find that it enhances your connections with clients and the local community?

Integrating philanthropy into my professional endeavors has been and always will be important to me, reflecting my commitment to giving back to the community. As a descendant of Holocaust Survivors, I remain steadfast in my commitment to Jewish causes, maintaining active involvement and contributions with organizations such as UJA and the newly established Israeli Children’s Fund. These ongoing efforts underscore my dedication to making a difference on both a local and global scale, reinforcing the importance of philanthropy in my personal and professional life. Furthermore, since settling full-time in the Hamptons, I have become involved with organizations like ARF, through contributions, donations of essential supplies, and hands-on participation. This commitment not only allows me to make a meaningful impact but also strengthens my connections with clients and the local community, as we share common values and a desire to make a positive difference together.

Living in Water Mill and immersing yourself in the vibrant local community must provide valuable insights into the Hamptons lifestyle. How do you leverage your firsthand experience as a resident to better serve your clients and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the area?

Transitioning from the bustling streets of Manhattan to the serene surroundings of Water Mill has profoundly shaped my perspective on the Hamptons lifestyle. This move has provided me with a deeper understanding of the area, allowing me to offer tailored guidance and personalized recommendations to my clients. By immersing myself in the Hamptons community, I have gained invaluable insights that enrich my ability to deliver exceptional service and ensure that my clients make informed decisions when navigating the local real estate landscape.

What do you consider to be the unique selling points of the Hamptons luxury real estate market, and how do you communicate these strengths to potential buyers and sellers?

The Hamptons market offers a unique blend of exclusivity, natural beauty, and investment potential that distinguishes it from other destinations. Hamptons real estate presents a compelling investment opportunity with the potential for returns that exceed those of the broader market. Given the scarcity of land coupled with this exclusive enclave’s high concentration of wealth, the demand for Hamptons real estate creates long-term value appreciation. Moreover, the Hamptons’ cachet is unparalleled, particularly considering its proximity to New York City, renowned as one of the world’s wealthiest cities due to its status as a global financial hub. This proximity not only enhances the region’s appeal but also underscores its investment potential. When communicating these strengths to potential buyers and sellers, I emphasize the allure of the Hamptons and its status as a coveted destination for luxury living. By highlighting the region’s exceptional land value, lifestyle amenities, and strong demand for exclusive properties, I ensure that clients understand the unparalleled value proposition offered by the Hamptons luxury real estate market.

Balancing professional responsibilities with personal interests and community involvement can be challenging. How do you manage your time effectively to ensure that you can pursue your passions outside of work while still delivering exceptional service to your clients?

Balancing professional responsibilities with personal interests and community involvement is indeed a challenge, but transitioning to residential real estate has provided me with newfound opportunities to pursue my passions outside of work and achieve a healthy work-life balance. By effectively managing my time and priorities, I ensure that I can dedicate ample time to my personal interests while also delivering exceptional service to my clients. I’ve discovered that investing in my own happiness and fulfillment outside of work ultimately enhances my ability to serve my clients. Whether it’s spending time with family, engaging in outdoor activities, or contributing to community initiatives, nurturing these aspects of my life rejuvenates me and allows me to bring a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm to my work.

Can you share some memorable experiences or success stories from your time brokering multi-million dollar deals in the Hamptons, and what lessons have you learned from these transactions?

Similar to the landscape of commercial real estate, I have learned that residential transactions in the Hamptons are also competitive, creating an environment in which I thrive. Each transaction presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, requiring adept navigation of market dynamics while also prioritizing the needs of my clients. Building strong, lasting relationships is paramount, and I’ve found that my ability to do so has been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes for all parties involved.

Looking ahead, what goals or aspirations do you have for your real estate career in the Hamptons, and how do you envision continuing to make a positive impact on the local market and community?

Looking ahead, my goal for my real estate career in the Hamptons is to provide unparalleled service catering to the high-end luxury space. Drawing from my extensive track record, particularly with iconic hotels and resorts, I aspire to specialize in the high-end trophy market. Leveraging my experience and expertise, I aim to cater to discerning clients with exceptional properties and unique needs. By delivering personalized service and attention to detail, I am committed to setting a new standard of excellence in the local market. Through strategic marketing, innovative approaches, and a relentless commitment to client satisfaction, I am determined to make a significant impact in the luxury real estate landscape of the Hamptons.

Whether supporting local businesses, tending to her garden, or attending charity events, Michele’s presence in the Hamptons is vibrant. Click here to learn more about Mahl.

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