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Sebastian Mobo has curated his real estate career on the East End to be a solid reflection of his trustworthiness and expertise. With over 14 years of residency in Southampton, Mobo blends local insight with a global perspective, guiding clients toward their dream homes with unwavering dedication and integrity. From his diverse background in retail and as a part-time caregiver, Mobo’s journey is a testament to his compassion and loyalty to service.

Last summer, Mobo was recognized as one of the Top 10 Corcoran East End Agents. His innate qualities shine through in his client-centric approach. Beyond his bustling real estate career, he finds ease in community, wellness, and exploration, making him not just an agent but a trusted advisor and friend to his clients.

Hamptons Real Estate
Sebastian Mobo. Courtesy of The Corcoran Group.

Your commitment to prioritizing your clients’ needs and best interests sets you apart as a trusted agent in the Hamptons. Can you share some specific ways in which you ensure that your clients feel supported and valued throughout their real estate journey?

I strive to do all of these things by continuously learning everything there is to know in the business and being meticulous in my craft. It’s important to lead clients through the process gently, boldly, and confidently. I value long-term client relationships and I firmly believe that constant communication is key during the process of buying, selling, or renting.

What I’ve also learned is to have compassion and empathy by getting down to a personal level and understanding that people have busy lives outside of this real estate transaction that may be affecting their decisions. Implementing this approach allows me to extract some key information and serve clients to the best of my ability.

Your diverse background, including experience in retail, driving for Uber, and caregiving, has equipped you with a unique set of skills and insights into the East End neighborhoods. How do these experiences inform your approach to real estate, and how do you leverage them to better serve your clients?

My diverse experience in retail, driving for Uber, and especially caregiving (which I still do today) have equipped me with a unique set of skills, such as learning how to be in someone else’s shoes, genuinely, which is easier said than done. Taking care of people requires an abundance of close listening, patience, and advocacy. These experiences provide me with the abilities in business to be composed, not to rush, learn, and know when to yield and when to be assertive in certain scenarios of the deal.

Living in Southampton for over 14 years, you’ve undoubtedly developed a deep understanding of the local community and lifestyle. How does this firsthand knowledge contribute to your ability to match clients with their ideal homes in the area?

When I came to the U.S. in 2009 after graduating high school in the Philippines, the objective was just to go to school and then return home. I was very shy and had low self-esteem. Therefore, I wasn’t very aware of the local community and lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2018, which was life-changing to me. After recovering for a month from surgery, I started to drive for Uber just to make some income, and I also invested in training at the gym. Working out gave me a much-needed confidence boost at that time. In addition, I discovered the beauty of the Hamptons by driving for Uber, and it was truly an eye-opener. Learning about the region and its many unique hamlets is one of the factors that allows me to match my clients to the home and location that is perfect for them.

Transitioning from various roles to pursue a career in real estate, what initially drew you to this industry, and how do you find it rewarding compared to your previous experiences?

As funny as it sounds, what initially drew me to this industry is that I was exposed to the world of real estate on YouTube. This was during 2020 when the pandemic was taking place, and the entire world had gone completely quiet. The interviews and business podcasts I listened to involved many real estate conversations. I never thought in my lifetime that I’d become a part of this industry, but I believe that things truly happen for a reason. I couldn’t ignore the fact that real estate had been lingering in my mind.

Eventually, I listened to my gut instinct. I find it satisfying to be able to guide and further help people regarding their real estate needs. Although being a part of this industry was unexpected, I’m not looking back now. Helping people on their real estate journey is incredibly rewarding.

Being named one of the Top 10 Corcoran East End Agents is a significant achievement. Can you share some insights into the strategies and principles that have contributed to your success in the Hamptons competitive real estate market?

I was ranked in the Top 10 Corcoran East End Agents for the month of August 2023. Although it was surprising, it was a great honor, but also humbling at the same time. It was a thrill to be ranked in the Top 10 alongside such high-performing professionals. I hope to be able to reach this level of excellence or even better in the future.

In terms of strategy, I had a unique, challenging listing in Sag Harbor last year. Pricing certain properties the right way in today’s market is a huge factor. Fortunately, I was able to convince my client to make price adjustments multiple times and eventually got some strong offers by studying the current market and presenting my findings to the seller.

Additionally, I asked my peers and managers a lot of questions and solicited their advice, as your team is always a valuable resource! I was also consistently holding open houses every weekend. Ultimately, we found a determined buyer who came on a rainy day and immediately made an offer. It was satisfying to represent both sides of the sale.

Your commitment to educating clients and guiding them to make informed decisions is commendable. What key aspects of real estate do you believe clients should be well-informed about, particularly when navigating the unique market dynamics of the Hamptons?

Getting familiar with the Hamptons means learning about its hamlets. Each hamlet from Westhampton to Montauk boasts its own dynamic history and distinct nuances. When navigating our unique market, I tap into the customer’s specific needs and lifestyle. For example, if my client has a passion for horses, I’d encourage them to explore Bridgehampton, which is known for its beautiful horse farms and the prominent annual Hampton Classic Horse Show.

As someone who has lived in both the Philippines and the U.S., how do your multicultural experiences influence your perspective on real estate, and how do you incorporate this into your approach to serving clients from different backgrounds?

As someone who grew up in the Philippines, I learned to be respectful to elders and appreciate family values. Living in the U.S. for the last 15 years has taught me to be swiftly independent. Adapting to both cultures sustains me in the ability to care for my clients with attentiveness while paying close attention to detail.

Outside your professional endeavors, you’re actively involved in a bible study group, health and fitness pursuits, and affiliate with Kinobody company. How do these interests and activities complement your work as a real estate agent, and do they enhance your ability to connect with clients on a personal level?

Firstly, my faith has encouraged and inspired me — by teaching me important attributes such as leadership and humility. It helps keep me grounded while reminding me of the importance of love and living under grace.

Getting involved in health and fitness has taught me elements of discipline, such as dialing my nutrition plan and the consistency of getting in the gym. In addition, I used to play basketball during high school in the Philippines. Winning the championship through dedication, work ethic, drive, focus, and curiosity was important to me as one of the team leaders. It helped me understand how to have composure and a sense of calm, especially in crucial moments when the games are tight or down by several points.  As a result, sports have had a distinct and valuable impact on how I approach situations in business.

With a passion for travel and having visited over thirty countries, how has your global perspective enriched your understanding of real estate, and are there any insights or experiences from your travels that you apply to your work with clients in the Hamptons?

I have been fortunate with opportunities to travel for pleasure with family and friends. By traveling, I have been exposed to a wide variety of cultures, values, food, histories, lifestyles, etc. I’ve met and stayed connected to some incredible people. I try my best to apply all these valuable life experiences to my real estate business – because, at its core, this industry is about relationships and human connection. I hope to travel again soon, meet great new friends from around the world, and hopefully convince as many people as possible to visit and invest in the Hamptons!

Looking ahead, what goals or aspirations do you have for your career in real estate, and how do you envision continuing to positively impact your clients and the community in the years to come?

In the near future, I hope to live up to a reputation of being someone people value and trust. Although certain situations may be challenging, I strive to be the kind of agent who can help alleviate any of these concerns while simultaneously helping others along the way. I aim to treat every single person I encounter with kindness and respect. In both business — and life — honesty and integrity are everything.

To learn more about Sebastian Mobo, click here.

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