A Talk With 3 Moms Organics Co-Founders Lisa-Jae Eggert & Kammy Wolf

East Hampton-based mom-preneurs Lisa-Jae Eggert and Kammy Wolf are passionate about the outdoors. With active families, they wanted to continue exploring the outdoors, but the expanding tick populations and increased risk of Lyme disease had them nervous about keeping their kids and pets safe. In that motherly instinct is where 3 Moms Organics was born. They created TickWise Insect Repellent by 3 Moms Organics, an allergen free product made with natural ingredients.

The team answered a few questions about the product for James Lane Post.

What is the origin of 3 Moms Organics? How did being a mom inspire your business idea?

Our Tickwise insect repellent came to life in 2018, Lisa-Jae was recovering from neurological Lyme disease, and her immune system was reacting poorly to repellents with harsh chemicals. After beginning to experiment with essential oils, and through much trial and error, TickWise was born.

LJ’s good friend, Kammy, joined the company in 2022 and it was the perfect fit, it seemed like a dream come true. Kammy has had her own harrowing experience with Lyme and degrees in both environmental science and entomology. Kammy also has an extensive background in sales so she was able to propel 3 Moms Organics to the next level. There is nothing more important to us than protecting the health and welfare of our families and we are so happy to be able to share TickWise not only with our family but through our sales channels across the country.

What has your experience been as owners of a woman-owned business?

We are a mom-and-pop business (or as we like to say, a mom-and-mom business), with no gimmicks, no frills, just two moms on a mission to keep your families safe. Our work ethic and no-nonsense ways resonate with our customers and community. Overall people have responded positively to us as a women-owned business and seem to support and celebrate us and our accomplishments. Through this journey, we have also met and networked with so many successful and inspiring women who have lifted us up and cheered us on. Those women were paramount to our success and growth and we are so grateful to them. We never miss an opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with other women entrepreneurs to help them on their journey as women owners.

What role have your families and children played in the process of building 3 Moms Organics?

3 Moms Organics was created to help protect our own families, they have always been our biggest fans. Our families inspire us to keep other families feeling safe and comfortable during all their outdoor adventures.

Tell us about your product and what’s great about it. How is it unique from other insect and tick repellents out there?

We have worked extremely hard to create a repellent that is natural, DEET-, Paraben-, and SLS-free as well as 100% effective against ticks and mosquitoes. TickWise smells great and doesn’t leave you with a greasy or sticky feeling. We are also EPA-compliant and a registered natural repellent in all 50 states (and working for those registration was a huge bureaucratic undertaking!) We are very proud that TickWise made it through this process, as it is crucial to us that our product is safe, clean, and effective and environmentally friendly. TickWise is also safe for dogs and horses! Our customers love that they can spray themselves and their dog and off they go! Most importantly though, TickWise is safe for kids. As parents, we are always looking for a way to protect them without the use of harsh chemicals.

How has 3 Moms Organics changed since you started? How has Amazon helped your business grow?

We have come a long way since 2018, when we were strictly selling in farmers markets and local fairs. We now have a thriving ecommerce and wholesale business that stretches across the country. Selling in Amazon’s store has helped 3 Moms Organics expand our reach to protect more people from dangerous tick and mosquito bites. Joining Amazon was a major turning point in our growth. Amazon’s tools helped our women-owned small business tell our brand story and attract and retain new customers. Amazon appreciates and understands that small businesses like ours are the backbone of e-commerce.

What is your advice for other small business owners?

Don’t give up! It might not be easy at first, but if you’re really passionate about what you do, stick with it because you never know where your passion and hard work can lead you.

Where can readers buy your product?

Amazon! The exposure that Amazon brings to products like ours is unparalleled and we would never be able to help keep as many people safe as we do. You can also find TickWise in many places across the East End, including Riverhead Building Supply, Harbor Pets in Greenport and Montauk, Barths Pharmacy, One Stop Market, and the Corner Store among many others. You can visit us at 3MomsOrganics.com and place your order directly with us.

How will you be using it around the Hamptons this summer?

We both enjoy being in nature with our families whether it’s hiking, gardening, working, camping, or barbequing. TickWise is always nearby!

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