Awaken With Spring By Suzette Smith

It’s finally spring on the East End. The light is beautiful, the days are getting longer, the daffodils are popping, and the forsythia are starting to bloom. 

Spring is a time for hope, new beginnings, and connecting to nature. 

I love watching all the different ways that Mother Nature starts to express herself. 

For me, it brings a newfound sense of energy. I’m ready to get outside, put on my walking shoes, and shed my heavy clothes. I feel naturally inspired to up my well-being game. I love the feeling of being inspired to work out more, move my body, breathe the fresh air deeper into my lungs, and feel the cool air on my face. 

I love hearing the happiness of the birds chatting, and I feel the sense of joy of new beginnings coming. I’m excited to see all my trees come to life and my roses to return, like best friends that have been away for the winter. I feel inspired to shed the extra weight I put on to cushion me through the winter. I love that I feel naturally inspired to eat lighter foods and put the comfort food aside for now. To be in sync with the seasons, with nature, feels very fortifying. I feel a deep sense of well-being and that I am on the right track. 

I want to connect to Mother Earth and her beauty and feel inspired to start anew, blossom, shed unwanted heaviness, and feel light in my body and heart.

It’s time to spring clean your body:

  • Breathe fresh air 
  • Drink more water
  • Eat lighter
  • Get outside in nature

It’s time to be inspired once again to be my healthiest, happiest self and rediscover what that looks like, feels like, and tastes like. 

Happy Blossoming! 

Suzette Smith is the owner and founder of Shelter Island Pilates and Barre on Shelter Island, offering private, group, and online classes.

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