Blue Carreon: ‘Equestrian Life In The Hamptons’ Launches For Summer

Interviewing a close friend can indeed make for an enjoyable day at work. I think the world of Blue Carreon and it was a privilege to spend time with this incredibly talented individual who calls the Hamptons his home. Blue and I met on the tennis court several years ago, and we connected instantly. Blue’s diverse background in fashion, lifestyle journalism, and interior design makes him a fascinating person to interview. His experiences from all over the world have brought unique perspectives to his work. His latest book “Equestrian Life in the Hamptons” just dropped and I hope you will enjoy our insightful and inspiring conversation.

Lisa Frohlicha and Blue Carreon

Congratulations on your beautiful new book “Equestrian Life in the Hamptons.” The timing is perfect with your book launching at the start of the summer season. What was your inspiration to write this book? 

Happy summer, Lisa! Horses and equestrian sports are so interwoven with the lifestyle of the Hamptons, and while there are many horsey books on the market, there hasn’t really been one that focused on the East End. There’s such a wealth of equestrian history here, from the founding of riding clubs in the late 1890s, the early competitions and hunts which were dominated by Jacqueline Bouvier and especially her mother Janet Lee Bouvier, to the high stakes and supremely competitive Hampton Classic of today. 

Do you reside in the Hamptons?

Yes, I split my time between East Hampton and Manhattan but I call East Hampton home. 

“Equestrian Life in the Hamptons.” Photo by Doug Young

I enjoyed leafing through your exquisite photographs. How did you tackle the hundreds of photos in your book? Did you personally take the photos, or work with a team of photographers?

I took the majority of the photographs and I had some wonderful contributions from various talented photographers like Shelli Breidenbach, Richard Phibbs, Sophie Elgort, Doug Young, Matthew Donahue, and more. There were hundreds and hundreds of photos, so I had to tap into my years as a magazine editor when it came time to select what would make the cut and would convey a story. The photographs we took for the cover and inside spreads with Doug Young, with the incredible generosity of Joanne and Jean Paul Jimenez of Jimenez Jumpers and their two daughters and ponies, are truly spectacular and capture the essence of a horsey Hamptons summer. 

I was intrigued by the conversations you shared with many who have devoted their life to their equestrian passion. Were there any conversations that were particularly meaningful?

The book tells the history of equestrian sports in the Hamptons, and to relate this narrative I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to interview the pioneers of the horse sporting life in our area. The members of the Topping family have been absolutely generous with their time and resources, especially Gretchen Topping. And all the barn owners and devoted riders like Joey Wölffer, Stephanie Riggio Bulger, McLain Ward, Georgina Bloomberg, and Brianne Goutal-Marteau, and my dear friend Justine Ryan who connected me with essentially the equestrian community in the Hamptons. 

Blue Carreon wearing Dior at Wölffer Estate Stables. Photo by Bruce Bromberg

I know you are an avid equestrian. When did you start riding? What do you enjoy most about riding?

I picked up riding when we moved to the Hamptons from Hong Kong in 2017. I am not going to lie, part of the appeal of the sport to me are the outfits and that whole Ralph Lauren vibe. I have joined local horse shows. What I love about riding is the freedom it gives you, especially when you are cantering on an open field. It’s like flying. 

I personally own your book “Conversations: Up Close and Personal with Icons of Fashion, Interior Design, and Art.” Do you have any other projects on the horizon? What are your passions and interests?  

I absolutely love playing tennis and puttering around in the garden. I’m working on an upcoming project that has to do with the garden. I also have several ongoing decorating projects. 

How can we purchase “Equestrian Life in the Hamptons?”

It will be available in all the bookstores in the Hamptons and online. 

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