Designer To Watch: Alex Vinash Opens Vibrant Boutique In Southampton

The Hamptons is a vibrant and creative community and it’s wonderful to see local artists and designers thriving. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to meet several emerging talents on the East End and I’m eager to spread the word. Alex Vinash and I had coffee together for the first time a few months ago, and it was like we had known each other for years. Alex is a multi-talented individual with a unique perspective on fashion. His experience in professional figure skating and interior design influences his design aesthetic and approach. Alex recently opened his vivacious boutique in Southampton filled with men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, table top books and much more. The Hamptons is going to love this incredible addition to the community and I hope you enjoy learning about Alex in this interview.

Where are you originally from and how did you land in New York?

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Europe when I was 19 because I was an ice-skating national champion and started to qualify for shows. I was really excited to travel. My contract was originally for two months, but I ended up staying in Europe for 16 years. I officially started my brand when I was living in Barcelona, and then I was asked to do Fashion Week in Los Angeles, so I stayed in Santa Monica for a few months. Soon after I got the call to do New York Fashion Week, and I had to say yes! My two weeks turned into a month, and I fell in love with New York. I received my artist visa and it’s been eight years in New York. Despite the stereotype, I find New Yorkers friendly and kind. I love the fast hustle here and it’s been a great place to grow my brand.

I’m curious to know what first inspired you to pursue fashion design as a career?

I actually got started in design by creating ice skating costumes, because I always felt that the options were horrible. So, I created a brand with custom options that were more body and style oriented, less sparks and embellishments. Then Vanity Fair did an editorial on my bodysuits, and larger brands from all over started to call me. This is when I started with clothing. My process always involves making the first sample on the mannequin, and then I decide on the patterns and create the size range.

Are you excited for your new store in Southampton? 

Southampton will be my third boutique and I am extremely excited about this opportunity. I can’t wait to share the Alex Vinash world and lifestyle with Southampton. I feel there is a need for something new that includes all ages and genders. Having the ocean close by inspires me, and makes me feel content and happy.

Where do you sell your designs besides Southampton, and any plans to expand to other locations?

I also have a store in Columbus, Ohio and in Greenport on the North Fork. The sales through my website have been a major success. I’m also carried in over 50 stores throughout the US and Europe. As far as expansion, Palm Beach is a dream of mine. Dallas, Palm Springs, and St. Barth are in discussion.

Can you describe your overall design aesthetic and also your upcoming summer collection? 

Well, those who know about my brand understand that I have always been very colorful and bold. I love print and texture, and there are many cultural influences that bring joy and excitement to my collection. I collaborate with other brands for my men’s collection, and I’ve been very happy with how that process is working out. I can’t wait to reveal a special collection that will only be available in the Hamptons.

I am learning that your designs are beautiful but also affordable. Can you tell me about your retail prices?

In the past, I was focused on red carpet and ready to wear for online retail. I have a new opportunity to create one-of-a kind custom designs, evening gowns, and handmade pieces. The average price points for my collections are blouses from $159, blazers from $219, and dresses from $259.

Do you have experience designing accessories?

I started to design my shoe collection a few years ago in Spain, and due to shipping delays, I had to move production to Colombia. My shoes are all handmade and super comfortable — platforms, raffia, and leather. The jewelry I carry in my stores is selected by me, but I don’t design this yet… might need your help with this, Lisa!

Where is your collection produced?

My production is done all over the world. Latin America for some, India for my embroidery, Asia does the best blazers, Italy for silk and men’s. Los Angeles and New York too.

You have lived all over the world. Do you find inspiration in travel? Are there any designers that you love?

I’m a big fan of old and new Valentino. I think it is exquisite. I love sensuality, passion, and romance, and Valentino represents all of this in my opinion. Other than Valentino, I’m not a big fan of name brands because I like to travel and discover new underground designers and trends. Travel, life, romance, friends, and culture all influence me. I like sitting with my coffee and watching people pass by, and hearing their stories. My roots are in Argentina, and I still have friends and family there. I am influenced by the tropical European style that Argentinians have.

You were a competitive figure skater in your youth. What lessons did you take from being an athlete into your career as a designer?

There are no second chances when you are skating competitively, you have four minutes to show what you have, and there is little room for mistakes. So yes, I do like a little competition. But I’ve learned that first place is not always the best, and hard work really pays off. I feel like a winner when I spot a person wearing my clothing, or carrying my shopping bags in the streets. If I can reach people and let them see my creative world, and make them happy with my designs, that is what is extremely important to me.

Your hard work, creativity, and passion for design has clearly paid off. What do you love most about being a designer?

I love the fact that nothing is ever exactly the same. The passion I have to create something new all the time far outweighs any down moments. Being a designer isn’t routine, and not always stable, but I can’t stop doing it. Taking a piece of fabric and seeing it through to the final results is my favorite part of the design process.

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