Fylí’s International Women’s Day Celebration With Soho House, Nova Impact, & James Lane Post

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On Tuesday, March 8, Fylí mastermind kicked off it’s global partnership with Soho House by hosting an International Women’s Day Celebration at Soho House Austin along with partners Nova Impact and James Lane Post. It was a day of powerful conversations, thoughtful networking, and genuine support within the shared communities. The central theme of the IWD 2022 celebration was “Together We Rise: Renew, Inspire, Support, Empower.”

Olivia Dell, Chelsea Toler, CS Freeland, Sheena Paul, Acacia Erhardt, Nike Anani. Photo by Stanley Steril

Guests gathered in person at the new Soho House location in the heart of Austin, Texas — which was named the new start up capital by Tech Crunch in 2021. The full day of programming featured panels, fireside chats, and a film screening addressing the challenges faced by women of all walks of life, how they’ve overcome those challenges, and ways to uplift all women. 

Highlights of the day included an opening keynote by Fylí advisor Susan Rockefeller, and the Women Who Are Radically Resilient and Owning Your Raise panels. Some of the panels were streamed globally via the Soho House app to over 200,000 members and will be available for replay on the platform in the coming weeks, which you can register for here.

Jaclynn Brennan & Catherine Sypert. Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa/BFA.com

The day of panels was followed by an intimate dinner bringing together founders, funders, speakers, and event partners to break bread and engage in conversation about the day, share their missions, and make their asks of the community at large. Empowering women to ask for what they want and need is a core component of Fylí’s mission and all the their events encourage attendees to do just that.

Fylí (pronounced FEE-LEE) which stands for “tribe” is a female mastermind membership community focused on educational masterclasses, accountability, peer-to-peer mentorship, leadership advancement, and funding opportunities for early stage female founders. This business was started by co-founders Jaclynn Brennan and Yanyi Li out of a personal need to help create a network of resources, education, and 360 lifestyle support for female entrepreneurs.

Christine Prydatko, Jo Jensen, Lila Igram, Jaclynn Brennan, Alexandra Chando, Catherine Sypert, Jessica Mackin-Cipro. Photo by Stanley Steril

“For all of us to be able to rise we need each other, and as we know from Fylí, we need women supporting women. Studies show that women set more ambitious life goals in the presence of other women they admire. Fylí is a community that catalyzes these relationships with mentorship, education, and access to capital. The International Women’s Day celebration hosted by Fylí gave me hope and inspiration that together we can all work to realize our dreams for a better world,” said Susan Rockefeller, a philanthropist, founder, and the editor of Musings.

Kelsey August, Wen Zhang, Alex Cox-Cuzzi. Photo by Stanley Steril

The day began with a Meditation and Sound Healing Blessing by Krista Nerestant. Next up was the “Forging the Next Generation of Leaders: Women Building the Impact Ecosystem” panel, which included Abby Pesek, Maria Yuan, and Gabby DeLeon. It was moderated by Nova Impact’s Chelsea Toler and Olivia Dell.

Janice Omadeke. Photo by Stanley Steril

Also moderated by Toler and Dell was the “Forging the Next Generation of Leaders: Investment, Philanthropy, and Galvanizing Community Toward Impact” panel, featuring Sheena Paul, Nike Anani, Acacia Erhardt, and CS Freeland. The panel “The Power of Community, Collaboration, & Kindness” was moderated by Yvonne Nava, and included Andra Liemandt, Najah Clay, Rose Smith, and Amber Allen.

Deanna Brown. Photo by Stanley Steril

Fylí’s panel, “Women Who Are Radically Resilient,” was moderated by Jaclynn Brennan, and included speakers Janice Omadeke, Marisa Sechrest, Katia Zaitsev, and Crystal Berger. “Own Your Raise” panel was moderated by Deanna Brown, and included Jill Klinvex, Wen Zhang, Alex Cox-Cuzzi, and Kelsey August.

Alexandra Chando, Lila Igram, Jo Jensen. Photo by Stanley Steril

The day’s programming concluded with a selection of ConnectHER documentary shorts and a fireside chat with Alejandra Chando, Jo Jensen, and Lila Igram. 

Event partners included Soho House Austin, Nova Impact, James Lane Post, Austin Woman, ConnectHER, and HerVoice. 

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