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Randi Ball is someone with a very deep understanding of her surroundings, especially the people who orbit her life. Having cocktails in the garden at Dopo La Spiaggia, her life’s trials and triumphs included many heartwarming stories that were shared with much detail as we learned her methodologies about getting through many impossible-seeming situations to how she found her happily ever after as a devoted wife, mother, and a dynamo agent at Corcoran. We learned how she navigates the industry with the precision of a detective, uncovering everything that could go wrong and diverting situations that would otherwise derail other agents — ultimately making dreams come true for both clients and customers alike.

Randi Ball. Photo by Ty Wenzel

Having come from the advertising industry of Madison Avenue, she understands stressful environs. The pandemic, as we all know, brought agents to their knees, while so many demanded homes, some sight-unseen. For Ball, this is where she understands the zone, to prioritize what she needs to do in order to not only get these people into a home, but into their dream home. Why did Ball jump through nearly impossible hoops to help clients and customers when many would have taken anything at the time? Because they will, and have, become repeat clients — but more importantly, she actually cares.

You have so many incredible homes in your inventory while many are struggling to get listings. What is your secret?

My business is based on relationships. My customers that I have sold homes to also become clients when they are ready to trade properties. This has recently happened to me several times. I sold a home to a buyer in 2019 in the Amagansett Dunes and another opportunity came up that was better suited to the family needs so he purchased this one and we sold the other. The home he just purchased was my listing that never went to market as I knew it was perfect for him as soon as I saw it. A property I sold in the Amagansett Lanes in 2020, I just traded as well off market. My customer decided after two years of developing plans and permits that he didn’t want to build so now we are looking for a turnkey home to purchase. In both of these situations my customers purchased really well and their properties appreciated even though they bought at the height of the market.

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Randi Ball. Photo by Ty Wenzel

You’re someone who dives deep into your client’s vision for themselves when selling their home. What is the process?

When it comes to sellers, often I am the second or third agent to inherent a listing. In this case I dig deep into what makes the property unique in terms of lifestyle and I brand the property to this fact. I need to come in with a fresh perspective and get creative. My background in advertising and marketing has proved to be invaluable to my thought process and understanding human nature.

I believe in selling not listing. When it comes to listings, I don’t accept any properties that I don’t believe in at any price point. This approach has provided me with a track record for success. Based on this, I get referrals. I rarely pitch – it’s more of a meet and greet. I work really hard in order to make sure that the process of selling a home is as pleasant as possible for my clients. Emotions run high and managing a smooth transaction is a big part of my service. Empathy goes a long way.

Recently I had two really interesting situations with buyers. One from Los Angeles and one from Florida, who are in contract for significant properties without seeing them in person. Again, it is about relationships. I take the time to really understand my customers and therefore they trust me. They also know that I am very picky and say no to most listings that pique their interest. I never recommend anything I wouldn’t purchase myself.

Interesting. When buying a home, what is your methodology for them?

When buying a home I have my customers really try to visualize what they want their Hamptons experience to feel like.  It is an exercise that starts our journey together. Are they coming our east to socialize or relax? Are children a factor and if so where do their friends live? Do they want to be close to town or dream about a big sweeping lawn? Ocean or pool life? I then dive into price point and start scouting. There is a lot of back and forth communication after our first time out together and all the way through to closing and beyond. Quite often, direction changes from initial wants so I always introduce some out of the box options. There are a lot of wonderful spots out east that may not be obvious options to them or me at first.

You’ve been around builders for a long time. Does it help you with your business?

My husband is in the construction business so I have a deep breadth of knowledge and a good eye for quality. During the pandemic, I got the itch to gut renovate our home which was a project we did together. I got rid of pretty much everything we own and started all over. Like a new bride! Based on this personal experience I can help my customers see the potential when something isn’t perfect.

Speaking of the pandemic, it was truly a career defining moment for my business. I worked 24/7 on rentals and sales. I was grateful to have so much business to keep me busy but was very stressful. I was and still am blessed to have the best assistant and administration team in the business. My family was incredibly supportive and gave me the space to do what I needed to do which was work harder than I ever thought possible. Making President’s council for this year was the highlight of my career.

Hamptons Real Estate
Randi Ball. Photo by Ty Wenzel

What is it about Corcoran that you joined the firm over all the others?

Corcoran was an obvious choice for me and I never looked elsewhere. Coming from the city, I wanted a company that had great networking potential. It was also really important to be part of an organization with integrity. I have been blessed with a manager who always has my back and can motivate me to be the best agent possible. This business is a roller coaster ride. Ups and downs every single day and company support gets me through to the finish line when I need guidance navigating every potential bump along the way.

With all the panic going on, do you think the news on mortgage rates will affect such an affluent region such as the Hamptons?

The rise in interest rates has not affected my business so far. In fact, most of my recent deals have been cash buyers. There is no better place to put your money than Hamptons real estate if you buy smart. It’s all about location. You can also change a house but never the location.

How do you think the market will play out for the last quarter of 2022? Any predictions for 2023?

I think we all feel we are only as good as our last deal. Maybe this is what keeps most of us humble. The fourth quarter has been super gratifying getting all my hard work from summer showings into contract and closed. Work always comes first during the summer months. In terms of what will happen in 2023 It’s always hard to predict. I just need to keep focused and do the best I can for sellers and buyers and keep evolving to provide the best experience possible. In terms of growing my own personal business it circles back to nurturing existing and new relationships equally.

Do you ever miss the city? If so, what about it do you miss?

I have lived out east full time for thirteen years and never miss living in the city. In fact I never see myself living there again. Amagansett will hopefully always be home base. I have everything I need here. My family, amazing friends, a career I love and the beach. What is lacking I can find online. I am an expert online shopper!

Randi Ball. Photo by Ty Wenzel

What brought you to the Hamptons exactly? Did you summer here?

I have been coming out here since high school “to play” and knew back then having my own home here was going to be a major life goal. I purchased my home in 1999 as a second home and after several renovations it is so good. While we left the city originally due to financial difficulties — lemons turned into lemonade. I reinvented myself into a happier person. I walk my dogs down to the ocean every day and feel a sense of peace I have never felt anywhere else. It has been the most magical place to raise my two sons who are now 14 and 18. I feel truly lucky to have been ahead of the curve in making this beautiful part of the world our family home.

What does work/life balance look like for you?

As for work/life balance the choice is not often my mine to make. When the opportunity arises to sell a house or find a house It takes priority. There is no choice for me. As one of my favorite clients always said “ we are in it to win it.”  Whenever possible, I love to exercise and spend time with friends. I have great friends! I love to read, watch a lot of television ( I am a content junky) and have a bit of the travel bug. My older son is studying in Paris for a year and I plan to take full advantage of the situation.

Ball was photographed at the home of one of her dear clients, interior designer, Elizabeth Dow. To learn more about Randi Ball and her incredible inventory, click here.

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