Isaac Boots Shares Five Fitness Tips For A Healthy New Year

Photo by Dean Isidro

KILOGEAR, a doctor designed workout brand of weighted performance gear has partnered with Hamptons staple, celebrity trainer Isaac Boots for the “TORCH’D Powered by KILOGEAR” collection. Eight pieces in the collection include weighted arm and leg Power Bands, Thigh Master shorts, Leg Master unitards, Side Shaper tanks, Core Sculpt long-sleeve shrugs, and Booty Lift Leggings. The goal is to help the body burn more calories naturally, turning regular activities like grabbing a coffee, going to work, or running errands into calorie burning and muscle toning moments.

Isaac Boots, who has worked with and trained Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lisa Rinna to name a few, shares with us five fitness tips to kick off the new year in a healthy way.

1. Get Moving!

My first tip is to get moving! I am a firm believer in staying in motion as much as possible, and the easiest thing you can do is walk. If you’re going for dinner with friends, book somewhere you can walk to or do a few extra laps while shopping. Movement is essential in order to maintain good circulation and any movement is better than no movement at all. If you can’t get an actual workout in, opt for weighted workout apparel to burn extra calories by just moving. My TORCH’D Powered By KILOGEAR weighted activewear collection not only looks good but actually helps you burn 40 percent more calories just by running errands or grabbing a coffee. It’s truly a wearable workout that can adapt to our busy lives. 

Photo by Dean Isidro

2. Push Ups

Push ups are one of the most effective total body moves, but most people do not do them properly and need more training. The best thing you can do is to hold your plank. Don’t drop your knees or try to modify. Over time, if you train your plank, you will be able to do push ups properly without modifying. As you feel your plank getting stronger, think about taking it a step further and adding some weighted gear. Try adding weights on your arms to increase your strength in a plank position.


TORCH’D is best when you do a flow to work every part of the body. The best warm up is a plié series with arms so you are activating the entire body and also keeping your brain working. Once we move through some variations, we go into a plank series which includes shoulder and hip touches and opposite knee to elbow. From there, we drop into forearm plank and do some hip side-to-sides and pulsing side planks, right and left. Then we move on to arms, which includes circular and flip motions, targeting different parts of the shoulders from the bottom up, followed by a leg work series. Pulsing and moving through all the angles and always keeping the focus on the core and glutes. Once we have done both sides, we conclude with an ab series which includes some contractions, hip pulses and core pulses. 

Photo by Dean Isidro

4. Heart Rate

Get that heart rate up! Whether that means simply going up and down the stairs, going for a jog around the block or doing jumping jacks while binging your favorite show. Between each section of my workouts, I always add some dance-based cardio to get the heart rate up and keep the energy seamless, so the entire workout feels like one dance.  The power of any move you do has to be intensely focused and thoughtful so you’re activating the muscles correctly, working the brain and of course, having fun.  

5. The Core

So much of my training sessions are about the core. You want to always keep your core engaged so you are ultimately training your targeted muscles to stay tight throughout the day. With our leg series for example, your core helps you stabilize your joints to relieve pressure. Much of my workout is also focused on dat peach (aka your glutes). When you feel your glutes engaged, you are heating up your whole body while keeping your heart rate up. This ensures your core stays engaged throughout. 

Pro-tip: When you add weights or my weighted gear, not only is it more challenging, but this also forces your core to stay engaged because the extra weight means you have to stabilize the joint from your core.

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