James Katsipis Photography: Gallery Opens In Montauk

Photo by James Katsipis

Renowned fine art photographer James Katsipis will open his namesake gallery, James Katsipis Photography, in Montauk on Thursday, May 23, at 742 Montauk Highway, attached to the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. Born and raised in Montauk, Katsipis is celebrated for his exceptional ocean photography and stunning visual art.

“Opening a gallery in my hometown of Montauk has always been my lifelong dream; this is 20 years in the making. I’m thrilled to invite everyone to experience the culmination of my life’s work in my new gallery,” said Katsipis.

Photo by James Katsipis

James Katsipis Photography will serve as a captivating space where visitors can immerse themselves in Katsipis’ masterful works. Highlights include his acclaimed fine art photography, customizable commissioned large-scale acrylic pieces, and a curated print shop. Katsipis will be hosting photo seminars and private photography explorations of Montauk. 

The gallery will showcase a new series of featured works that Katsipis curates, launched every other month. He will present a unique collection of custom surfboards and skate decks as well as his best-selling merchandise embodying his distinct artistic vision.

To commemorate the opening, Katsipis is launching a limited-edition Zine crafted from his “Graintalk” analog film series. The first 50 people to purchase this Zine (in gallery only) will also receive a signed and numbered limited-edition print. This exclusive publication offers an intimate glimpse into Katsipis’ world, capturing the essence of Montauk through the lens of a true local.

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