Randi Ball & Rylan Jacka: Leading The Agency’s New East Hampton Office

In the world of luxury real estate in the Hamptons, two professionals have established themselves as industry leaders with their expertise and unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

Randi Ball, a seasoned veteran with a decade of experience spanning Southampton to Montauk, specializes in the highly sought-after areas of Amagansett, Montauk, and East Hampton. Randi brings a unique blend of local knowledge and urban sophistication, honed from her roots on Long Island and two decades spent in New York City. Her tenure is marked by numerous honors, including membership in the prestigious President’s Council in 2021 and 2024 and the Platinum Council from 2020 to 2023. Ball’s background in journalism and marketing, her talent for building connections, and her keen eye for design make her a formidable force in the real estate market.

With over 25 years of experience and more than $1 billion in sales, Rylan Jacka serves as the Managing Director at The Agency in East Hampton. His illustrious career includes a 17-year tenure as the top broker in East Hampton. Jacka’s expertise in contract negotiations, deal structuring, and his vast referral network spanning the art, entertainment, finance, and technology sectors, have solidified his reputation for delivering consistent, optimal outcomes for his clients. Originally from California, Jacka has called the Hamptons home since 1998.

Ball and Jacka epitomize the pinnacle of luxury real estate, combining extensive market knowledge with a personal touch that ensures every client’s needs are met with the highest standards of excellence. We were fortunate to speak with them about their new venture.

Rylan Jacka and Randi Ball of The Agency | East Hampton. Photo: Ty Wenzel

The Agency is growing very quickly with the opening of your new East Hampton office. Why did you decide to join the Agency as Managing Director of East Hampton?

Rylan Jacka: My decision to join The Agency was driven by a desire to offer a more personalized and adaptive service to my clients, as well as to expand my own business capabilities. While my 17 years at Sotheby’s were formative and I gained invaluable experience there, I often found the traditional brokerage models somewhat restrictive. At The Agency, I am empowered to customize my approach using innovative marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology, which are essential for effectively managing high sales volumes. The Agency has presented me with the exceptional opportunity to play a key role in establishing a new luxury real estate boutique in the Hamptons. The East Hampton office, situated in my favorite village alley next to Tutto Caffé, boasts an atmosphere that is both fresh and vibrant.

What factors led to the decision to establish The Agency’s presence in East Hampton, and what unique opportunities do you see in this market?

Randi Arnold Ball: Having a physical presence in East Hampton allows us to reach more clients. Being that a huge part of my market is Montauk, Amagansett, as well as East Hampton, it made this location at 55 Main Street a golden opportunity that was just too good to pass up. We have incredible foot traffic to display our listings to a wide audience. We love having small offices that do not require agents to work from them full-time but rather operate as a collaborative workspace for meetings and to drive inspiration.

In what ways will The Agency’s global network and resources benefit clients in the Hamptons seeking to buy or sell luxury properties?

RJ: By being a part of a global network like The Agency, our clients will receive unparalleled exposure to high-net-worth individuals in top markets that feed the Hamptons. We have offices nationwide and globally, including Europe, South America, Aspen, Palm Beach, Miami, and Beverly Hills, in constant communication to share listings and clients. The company fosters a very collaborative culture not just in the Hamptons but globally. This gives our clients access to properties they would otherwise not get to see and enhances our ability to bring both local and international buyers to the market.

How do you plan to leverage technology and digital marketing to enhance the visibility of properties listed by The Agency in the Hamptons?

RB: We take a digital-first approach to our marketing. Through our extensive global network, we can share properties and requests internally through our proprietary CRM, allowing agents from all over the world to communicate with each other. Externally, we have the largest combined social following of any brokerage, which we leverage for global exposure of agents and properties. For each of our listings, we take a unique approach depending on what feels right for the property. We start by identifying the right audience and then tailoring a digital marketing plan to reach that audience and provide the highest number of impressions.

Can you speak to the collaborative culture within The Agency’s East Hampton office and how it contributes to the overall client experience?

RB: Collaboration is a main pillar of our team. The team genuinely likes each other and gets along. We are a real family. We have a constant thread of communication to lean on each other, ask questions, share advice, share listings, and bring each other buyers. We have so much to contribute to each appointment we attend together. Even though we are a small group, we find we are stronger together.

What criteria do you prioritize when selecting agents to join The Agency’s team in the Hamptons — and what qualities do you believe are essential for success in this market?

RJ: The only way a boutique brokerage can survive is for every agent at the office to be fully committed to the production of their business. Our top priority is finding those agents and making sure that they fit our culture of collaboration, sharing, and of course, the number one rule at The Agency: no assholes.

How does The Agency plan to contribute to the local community beyond real estate transactions, and what philanthropic initiatives might we expect to see in East Hampton?

RB: The Agency is deeply committed to being a part of the local community. This year, we are proud to support The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, an organization dedicated to the rescue and care of animals in need. Each of our agents is passionately involved in their personal causes, and we wholeheartedly rally behind them.

RJ: I am dedicated to supporting local environmental causes such as Surfrider, beach cleanups, and other initiatives that help preserve our beautiful coastline. I believe in the importance of maintaining the natural beauty of our beaches and promoting sustainable practices within our community.

RB: I love to support The East Hampton Education Fund, which focuses on enhancing educational opportunities for students in our area. Additionally, I am committed to the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, where I contribute to various programs that strengthen and support our local Jewish community.

RJ: At The Agency, we believe that giving back to the community not only enriches the lives of those we help but also strengthens the bonds between our agents and the causes they care about. Our collective efforts make a significant impact, and we are honored to contribute to the betterment of our local area.

To learn more about Rylan Jacka, click here. To learn more about Randi Ball, click here.

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