Kiss & Tell: Two Handsome Men With Pocket Squares

One of my favorite events every September is The Bridge presented by Richard Mille. In its sixth year it was more extraordinary than ever, clearly mother nature is a sponsor. The invite-only luxury automotive event spans the waterfront links of The Bridge Golf Club featuring not only the finest vintage and cutting-edge new cars but food, wine, music and other high-end experiences. While there is impressive horsepower, there is also impressive manpower or should I say gentleman power. The carefully curated guest list includes not only the classiest “gear heads” you could ever imagine but leaders in many industries. Over the years I have met my financial adviser, a business partner, and even a lovely date. 

So, when I found myself on the shuttle to the event seated across from two handsome men in pocket squares, I admitted to them that men with pocket squares were my personal kryptonite. They were kind enough to show me the actual method of careful silk folding which reminded me of my teenage self making a fortune-telling chatter box. They revealed the secret weapon to keeping it in place — a marble. If only there was an equivalent for a strapless bra.

Strolling over the greens were educated auto enthusiasts carefully documenting each detail of these rare and valuable cars as if they were speed dating and constantly swiping right. I did not know how much an exhaust pipe can tell you about the make and model of a particular vintage. Or even to my embarrassment, from an elite high-end auto body shop with a motto “We will be tender with your fender,” the difference between a fender and a bumper. In my defense, my first car was a Ford Pinto and the main goal besides using it to run over my Levi Strauss original dungarees to soften them up was not to have it rear ended with hazardous results.

While I was reeling in delight to find my own favorite collectable, an unoaked Chardonnay, the Saracina from Taub Family Selections, I did note others, who like members of a secret society, found kindred spirits in their passions for particular models. A sophisticated and knowledgeable blonde vowed to drive her vintage Porsche into her nineties. Someone even mentioned the pleasure of driving barefoot pedal to the metal which I haven’t done since a teenager and vowed to try, Pinto PTSD and 20 mph Sag Harbor Village speed limits be damned.

Inquiring into the most in-demand car, several mentioned the Aston Martin Valhalla, a hybrid supercar which while verifiably sexy, I found myself more drawn to the Aston Martin DBX. I like the soul of a sports car but the room to carry golf clubs, beach chair, paddle tennis, water, blankets, flashlight and the complete works of Anais Nin. Although if stuck in a blizzard I imagine their roadside assistance is awesome and comes with cashmere wraps and champagne.

As a writer who has secretly aspired to name nail polish colors, I also loved the “Blue My Mind” and “Red My Mind” colors of the Czinger Vehicles which had their 21C V Max and 21C high downforce versions. These limited-edition, high-performance hybrids (only 80 examples made) are two passenger vehicles where they sit in tandem. The idea was inspired by a plane which creates unique aerodynamics and set time records. It’s also apparently good for your relationship. For one couple, the wife could gracefully place her foot next to her husband for a massage while he drove. Genius.

When I had the chance to reunite with the pocket square guys at the end of the event, what I loved beside their style was their stories — two men who started from almost nothing and through talent, smarts, and heart made it to great success. I observed that same pride in each individually owned classic car which included a personal success story and in the case of some of the new models selling for up to $2 million at least an aspirational story. 

So, I envision one day driving my “Bare In Mind” Czinger, and for the lucky guy sitting in tandem behind me, rubbing his foot… as he adjusts his dashing pocket square.

Heather Buchanan

Heather Buchanan is an award-winning writer with the accolades of "Best Column" and "Best Humor Column" from both the National Association of Newspaper Columnists and the Press Club of Long Island. Having first dipped her toes in the beaches of Sagaponack at three weeks old she has a long lens on Hamptons real estate both as a journalist, marketer, and buyer and seller before joining Sotheby’s International Realty. With her in-depth knowledge and personal dedication, she has been helping clients realize their dreams of a home in the Hamptons. When she is not working, she is perfecting her secret pie crust recipe, mastering the nine iron or making peace with pigeon pose.

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