Barre Fitness Gurus Elisabeth Halfpapp & Fred DeVito Bring A Wellness Collaborative To Bridgehampton

After a successful two years teaching CoreBarreFit, both online and in-person, barre fitness pioneers Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, announce a new partnership to bring a Wellness Collaborative to Bridgehampton this summer. IVDRIPS, Beauty & Fly, Hamptons Healing Hands, Barre None, and Healing in the Hamptons will join Elisabeth and Fred beginning this May. Konner Development, the owner of 2415 Montauk Highway, the site of the Wellness Collaborative, is also a partner.

Conveniently located on Main Street in Bridgehampton and anchored by a schedule of daily mind-body classes taught by Elisabeth and Fred, the Wellness Collaborative will bring a full spectrum of therapeutic offerings to East Enders, conveniently located under one roof.

“Our idea for this collaborative is that our clients will not only enjoy classes with me and Elisabeth, but they will have easy access to some of the best health and wellness practitioners in the U.S.,” said DeVito. “With our years of teaching, Elisabeth and I have come to realize how important it is to focus on the integration of mind and body wellness, as well as physical fitness. We anticipate that this collaborative will lead achievement of a cohesive physical and mental health journey for our clients.”

The Wellness Collaborative will be comprised of IV DRIPS, a NYC-based company founded by Bracha Banayan. IV DRIPS has a team of registered nurses and medical practitioners who specialize in IV infusions. The company also has locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Miami, Baltimore, Houston, and Greenwich. Catherine Curtin’s Beauty & Fly specializes in complete facial rejuvenation and overall aesthetic wellness with offerings of dermal fillers, neuromodulators, collagen biostimulators, PRP and LED therapy.

Olivia Broich’s Hamptons Healing Hands offers a wide range of therapeutic massage modalities and facial treatments. Barre None, originated by Alexander DeJong, creates individual fitness plans to help clients achieve their individual goals incorporating classic and updated barre exercises. And Sharon Bakes’ Healing in the Hamptons is a center for energy therapy and healing with sessions to realign, recharge, and restore the physical and spiritual balance of an individual with vitality, clarity, and peace.

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