Divaria Productions Presents ‘Joan Of Arc: The Opera’ At Bay Street Theater

Bay Street Theater presents the return of Divaria Productions Opera Company for the ninth consecutive year, after presenting the first ever live opera at the theatre in 2015.

On October 14, Divaria will present “Joan Of Arc: The Opera,” a multidisciplinary project featuring music from both Tchaikovsky’s “Maid of Orleans” and Verdi’s “Giovanna d’Arco” as well as text from Bernard Shaw’s “St. Joan” on its 100th anniversary and original coverage from Joan’s trial in the 15th century.

The production will star international opera singers including tenor Victor Starsky of New York City Opera and San Francisco Opera, Michael Nansel of New York City Opera as well as top caliber actors including the talented La Rivers as Joan of Arc and Broadway veteran Michael Rudko as Bishop Cauchon. The production will be co-directed by J.A. Diaz and Andrew Bell, musically conducted by Sergio Martinez Zangroniz, and feature members of the New Asia Chamber Orchestra as well as a local ensemble of supporting actors.

In the annals of history, Joan of Arc is seen as a shining star — by Catholics, Protestants, traditionalists, feminists, the right, and the left. People from all walks of life are moved by the story of a woman who led an army to rescue Orléans from a violent siege, brought about the coronation of the Dauphin of France, and valiantly defended herself when she was condemned to death.

Tickets start at $25. Visit BayStreet.org.

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