Waterproof: Lifeguards For Life | Film
10 Jul 07:00 PM
Until 10 Jul, 09:00 PM 2h

Waterproof: Lifeguards For Life | Film

Southampton Arts Center

“The story is the people — I was inspired by them. Big John’s a force of nature. It’s a great story about extraordinary people that I hope will help further the cause of good in the world.

WATERPROOF has been quite a journey. Mae Mougin, a resident of the community initiated and produced the project. It was her passion and the community’s selfless commitment to keeping people safe that convinced me to take on the project. This film has taught me to look at the ocean from a whole new perspective. It’s gratifying to know that the impact of this film is tangible and helping to save lives.”
- Ross Kauffman

Immersive and cinematic, WATERPROOF is the story of one community’s crusade to create a safe swimming environment in East Hampton, New York. Led by the incomparable Big John and Johnny Jr., these lifeguards give the best of themselves to train, compete, and ultimately ensure the safety of locals and tourists alike at the eastern end of Long Island.