Joanna Buchanan: A Journey Of Global Inspiration In Home & Garden

Joanna Buchanan’s journey through the realms of luxury, color, texture, and pattern has been shaped by a diverse upbringing and extensive travels. With roots in Hong Kong and experiences across Europe and India, Buchanan’s 20-year career in fashion retail has deepened her appreciation for the artistry found around the world.

Joanna Buchanan. Courtesy of Joanna Buchanan

Her commitment to sourcing expertise from various countries underscores her belief in producing her collection in the best possible locations. By partnering with small businesses in China, India, and the Philippines, she aims to ensure quality and also support dedicated artisans who share her brand’s values and goals.

The genesis of Buchanan’s line of luxe seasonal accessories, holiday decor, and gifts stems from childhood memories and family heritage. Inspired by her mother’s love for holiday decorating and her great-grandmother’s vintage ornament collection, Buchanan sought to reimagine holiday decor with a touch of vintage sophistication and glamour. These include rhinestone-studded wine stoppers, metal straws, hair pins and so much more that make luxurious gifts.

Courtesy of Joanna Buchanan

Her homes in New York City and Connecticut serve as tangible reflections of her global experiences. Furnished with treasures collected during her travels, they showcase her ability to curate modern colors, chic patterns, and eclectic furnishings into cohesive, elegant spaces.

Courtesy of Joanna Buchanan

Yet, it is Buchanan’s garden that truly inspires her work. The natural elements found in her garden influence the designs she creates, infusing them with the beauty of the outdoors and adding a touch of organic elegance.

Courtesy of Joanna Buchanan

In Joanna Buchanan’s world, luxury is not just about material opulence but also about celebrating craftsmanship, heritage, and the beauty found in the everyday. Through her journey, she invites us to explore the world with open eyes and find inspiration in the rich tapestry of cultures and experiences that surround us.

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