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In the glamorous world of Hamptons real estate, Michael Fulfree and Mia Calabrese stand as bold figures, commanding attention with their extraordinary information and unwavering dedication. As the stars of MAX’s “Selling The Hamptons,” their dynamic Nest Seekers partnership illuminates the intricacies of navigating one of the world’s most coveted luxurious asset markets. With a mix of allure, sophistication, and eager expertise in their clients’ desires, Fulfree and Calabrese have carved out a niche for themselves, earning accolades and admiration along the way. In this look into their world, we delve into the strategies, memories, and secrets to their success.

Hamptons Real Estate
Michael Fulfree and Mia Calabrese.

How do you prioritize building and maintaining relationships with clients in the competitive Hamptons real estate market, especially given your visibility on the Max TV show?

Michael Fulfree: My clients are like family. It all starts with the sale, and lately, I’ve been breaking records for my clients. Before building a deep relationship, you have to first show up on the right level, and that’s what I do. Then, after that, I stay in touch, check in, and genuinely build that trust with my clients.

How do you balance your role as a top-performing real estate agent with your presence on the hit series ‘Selling the Hamptons’?

Mia Calabrese: I’m able to balance both with organization! It’s the only way it works. It’s forced me to become very organized and even more detail-oriented.

Can you share an example of a particularly gratifying experience where you successfully brought together a buyer and seller in the Hamptons?

MF: A house was on the market for two years with a very large broker and could not sell the property. I took it over this December and was able to sell for a record number in 45 days and found the buyer myself on top of it. The buyer and seller are both close friends now. When both parties are happy, there is nothing better.

The cast of “Selling The Hamptons.” Photo: Madison McGaw/

Can you share a bit about your journey from starting in the industry to becoming one of the most successful agents at Nest Seekers International?

MC: Prior to working in real estate. I had a successful career in hospitality. I loved working with people and was able to build and foster incredible relationships throughout that journey. I made the transition into real estate as I always had a love for architecture and design. I made the transition years ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

How do you leverage your diverse clientele and international background to navigate the nuances of the Hamptons real estate market?

MF: I treat the neighborhood client up west the same as the billionaire looking on Gin Lane. It’s the most important part of what I do. You get the best service every single time at any price point with me.

How does your background in Government and Politics inform your approach to navigating the complexities of the real estate market?

MC: Studying government forced me to become extremely analytical. Having that background is imperative when you are assisting your clients to buy and sell millions of dollars in real estate.

What aspects of your international modeling career do you find most applicable to your current role in real estate?

MF: To be honest, zero, I’m a very normal guy who is a local to Long Island. Modeling was so much fun when I was younger living in Italy but it’s not a point of discussion these days.

What inspired you to share your skincare routines and “unsolicited opinions” on TikTok, and how does this platform complement your work in real estate?

MC: Social media has allowed me to reach a larger audience and share another part of myself with past and future clients.

Mia Calabrese. Photo: Madison McGaw/

What drew you to the Hamptons as a place to live and work, and how has your connection to the community influenced your approach to real estate?

MF: The Hamptons always seemed completely unattainable for me, being a guy who grew up in Centereach, which is extremely middle-class leaning. I saw the life and dreamt about it until I achieved it.

How has your experience in affluent hospitality shaped your approach to providing elite clientele with exceptional service in the real estate industry?

MC: Both real estate and hospitality are industries where remembering details about your clients, providing excellent service, and outstanding communication are important. Having a strong hospitality background helped make the transition into real estate seamless.

The cast of Selling The Hamptons. Photo: Madison McGaw/

How does your experience in deep-sea fishing and outdoor activities inform your understanding of the lifestyle preferences of Hamptons residents and buyers?

MF: I grew up fishing in Montauk. I would go every weekend with my dad with the likes of Frank Mundus out of Star Island Marina. Understanding the waters and landscape of this glorious island is essential to conveying the message of the area: that Long Island is, in fact, one of the most special places in the country.

As a seasoned world traveler, how do your global experiences influence your understanding of lavish living and your ability to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds?

MC: Shared experiences and connections are always helpful when working in sales. My clients know they can communicate what they’re looking for in a home, as I have that experience and background in luxury travel and living.

How do you stay informed about the latest listings and market trends to better serve your clients in the Hamptons?

MF: I luckily am so involved in lots of transactions that I’m seeing the shift in the market daily. I have almost 10 million dollars currently in contract, with over 10 million sold in the last few months. I stay informed on the market by selling a lot of real estate. If you read stats, that doesn’t make you a quality agent. You need to be on the battlefield 24/7.

Can you discuss the significance of being nominated for the New York City Concierge Choice awards and how it reflects your commitment to client satisfaction?

MC: Being nominated for the concierge choice awards was an incredible honor. As someone who values client relationships to be recognized by such a prestigious group was particularly significant in my career.

What role do you believe confidentiality plays in maintaining trust and fostering successful transactions in the real estate industry?

MF: Well, to be honest, real estate agents are known most for boasting about sales that they put together on Instagram. Our business is all about, “What did you sell lately?” It’s all part of the game. One paramount thing is to never post buyer’s information or too many details about the deal.

What excites you most about showcasing the beauty of the Hamptons to audiences worldwide through Selling the Hamptons?

MC: The Hamptons has some of the most stunning homes in the world. Being able to give people a birds-eye view of these spectacular properties is amazing.

Looking ahead, how do you envision the future of the Hamptons real estate market, and what excites you most about your role in shaping that future?

MF: I’m seeing it already. I’ve broken two records in Hampton Bays in the last 60 days. Largest inland deal and the largest canal-front deal in history. Some forget this is in a terrible market. Rates are going up again, and inflation is up another 3.5 percent. But there is light, and once these rates drop by the end of the year, get ready for some of the highest numbers ever done in the Hamptons. I’m advising my clients to acquire now while the gettin’ is good, and thankfully, I’m making my clients hand-over-fist and finding viable investments.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future of your career in the real estate industry?

MC: To continue to expand my book of business and service my clients, not only in New York City and the Hamptons but all over the world.

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