Stella Flame’s Gallery Launches First Winter Film Series

Stella Flame is a creative disruptor. Her gallery, now located in an airy, sunlit, two-story space in Bridgehampton, is the perfect venue for Flame to continue to bring many creative worlds under one roof, including jewelry, art, sculpture, and now, film. The mezzanine was almost tailor-made for screenings and that is exactly why she collaborated with MAGO, renowned artist and filmmaker to curate and launch the “Creator Projection Series.” 

MAGO and Stella Flame

All the critically acclaimed films in the series have some connection to the Hamptons, the world of art, and tastemakers on the East End. Including both short documentaries and feature length films, the series kicked off a few weeks ago with the iconic film, “On the Nature of Art: The Work of Miles Jaffe.” Each screening is followed by a behind the scenes Q&A with select special guests associated with the film.

“One of the main reasons I moved the gallery from Sag Harbor to our new space is to literally have the room to bring all of my passions and activations to life,” said Flame. “I love artists whether they are creating jewelry, sculpture, or expressing creativity on the screen or a canvas. I want to have a gallery that brings all these worlds together.”

To understand the true genesis of the new film series, it was no surprise to learn Flame was a Cinema Studies major. Her love for the art of film goes back to her early studies. “It seemed like a natural progression for me to bring film to my world in an intimate way,” she added.

Working with longtime friend, MAGO, the two creative powerhouses brainstormed with some popcorn and Prosecco and identified a carefully selected series of films that met certain criteria, including ties to Flame’s work as a designer and gallerist, and ideally, a set location on the East End. “We wanted to share both my life, gallery, and experiences in the Hamptons,” said Flame.

From the award-winning film “Pollock” (December 15) to the documentary on Dan Gasby, and his late wife, the iconic B. Smith, “Sag Harbor,” (February 9, where Gasby will be speaking) the line-up represents filmmakers and tastemakers from the area. 

“I was working in the locations department for Tom Dolby’s ‘The Artist’s Wife,’” explained MAGO of the next film that will be screened on November 17. “He asked me if I was an artist and to see my portfolio and before I knew it my art was featured throughout the film in the dining room scenes.” MAGO’s friendship with Tom continues to this day. “To see my art in a film featuring Bruce Dern and Lena Olin was an incredible milestone for me.”

Stella Flame

The film is an emotional look at artist Richard Smythson’s memory loss and its impact on those around him. It’s also partially inspired by his parents’ marriage. Dolby shared that making the film, shot in New York City and East Hampton, was alternatively extremely emotional but, at times, filled with joy. 

“I loved seeing Lena and Bruce’s characters as a mature couple who love each other deeply despite the chaos that surrounds them. The emotional heart of the story felt like a tribute to what my parents experienced, both in the prime of their marriage and in the challenges leading up to my father’s death,” said Dolby.

“Jack, Larger than Life” is based on the late Jack Lenor Larsen, founder of the renowned LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, known for its collections, gardens, and sculpture – all intended to inspire a creative life will screen on January 19. Esperanza Leon, Director of Education at LongHouse will take part in the Q&A.

“Jack travelled the globe and brought all of his ideas and creativity to create LongHouse, a sanctuary for creative life,” said Carrie Rebora Barrett, the director of LongHouse. “LongHouse Reserve’s mission is to provide a getaway from the ordinary, the conventional.”

“It’s all about going beyond what people think art galleries are all about,” said Flame. “I have an ongoing love affair with the people I know, including old friends and new friends and I intend to keep showcasing art on every canvas for the East End.”

Anyone who meets Stella Flame would not be shocked by her continued growth and breaking the boundaries each day as she runs her gallery as a labor of love. Series dates in March and April will be announced. 

Karen Amster-Young

Karen Amster-Young is a strategic advisor for communications agencies, author, and journalist. She loves the power of words. Her work has been published in the New York Times,, Hamptons Magazine and many other regional and national media platforms. The author of the non-fiction book, The 52 Weeks (Skyhorse), she shares stories and gives back to various causes. She paints, she worries, and works tirelessly to mentor many. She lives with her dog Lucy and works every day to be a great mom, friend and storyteller.

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