The Dee List: Meet The Designers At Hamptons Fashion Week

This summer will sizzle with key designers that will be featured for Hamptons Fashion Week. Meet the designers and enjoy an overview of what to expect on the runway Saturday August 26 in Southampton.

Hamptons Fashion Week is a much-anticipated fashion experience that will bring a new dimension to the summer calendar of East End events, packed with designers, cocktails, and sophisticated fun with a lineup of celebrities, designers, and media. In its fifth year, this summer will feature some eye-catching collections and trendsetters that will take over the runway.

Multi-talented, inventor, author, and entrepreneur Christina Rahm presents the new clothing line Merci Dupre. Merci Dupre Clothiers, expected to become the ultimate in eco-fashion luxury, will offer environmentally protective technology to stave off and repel hazardous toxins. The unique line of “enviremware” will feature patented, nano-biotech formulas woven into the textile material, offering an unbeatable barrier against EMF radiation, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus, while supporting non-exposure of radio frequency electromagnetic particles from 5G.

Megan Mae will present a Hamptons Swim Week Collection, her first in the Hamptons. Megan is the founder and creative director at Megan Mae Miami. As a swimwear model herself, Megan has worn countless bikinis. She knows the proper fit and characteristics of a high-quality swimsuit. This is exactly why Megan started her own brand — to utilize her expertise and creative passion to design your new favorite luxury bikini. They’re the perfect pieces for salty beach days and unforgettable pool parties. Ultimately, Megan wants to build a community of incredible women who aren’t afraid to go after everything they want in life. Every collection is designed to make you feel confident and sexy from the inside-out! 

In his fifth year at Hamptons Fashion Week, Cesar Galindo is back. He is a self-taught fashion designer, stylist, entrepreneur, and first-generation Mexican-American designer. Throughout his career, Cesar has redefined Latin success in the fashion industry, starting off designing corsets and period costumes for the Miami City Ballet and the Houston Grand Opera, to later owning his own luxury fashion line, Cesar Galindo. He dressed Diane Von Furstenberg for this year’s Met gala. And he’s created red-carpet outfits for many world-renowned celebrities, including Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Courteney Cox, and Missy Elliott, among others. 

Theophilo is a contemporary clothing brand based in Brooklyn. Designer Edvin Thompson fuses nostalgia from his juvenile years in Jamaica to meet New York City’s progressive culture. Cultural identity has been essential in implementing the brand’s ideology. At the root of his designs, there’s a focus on the celebrations of life after overcoming the obstacles and triumphs along the way. As an immigrant, Thompson is here to champion the voices of those alike, making Theophilio a wearable biography. 

The main event takes place August 26 from noon to 9 PM in Southampton.

To RSVP or for more info about our launch party, Friday, August 25, 6 to 9 PM at the Southampton Cultural Center, email

Dee Rivera

Dee Rivera is the founder of Hamptons Fashion Week and Times Square Fashion Week.

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