The Fusion Of Wölffer Estate Vineyards & Great Jones Distilling Co. — A Harmonious NY Bourbon

Manhattan’s spirit intertwines with the essence of the East End as two iconic names have joined forces in a collaboration that epitomizes New York’s rich tapestry of terroir and craftsmanship. Wölffer Estate Vineyards is renowned for its exceptional wines, and Great Jones Distilling Co. is a beacon of innovation in the world of spirits. At the helm of this partnership are Roman Roth, the visionary winemaker behind Wölffer Estate, and Celine Perez, the masterful head distiller at Great Jones. Together, they have crafted a bourbon that encapsulates the essence of New York, drawing inspiration from each other.  

Roman Roth & Celine Perez

“New York needs to love New York!” declared Roman Roth, echoing the sentiment that drives this collaboration. With a shared passion for their craft, Roth and Perez set out to create something special. “The friendship and collaboration, this has been by far one of the most special moments in my career. New York taste, this is us. Together, we’ve created something really f**king special,” Perez toasted on location at Great Jones. 

The Forbidden Fruit cocktail.

The result of their collaboration offers a blend of the finest local grains, distilled with precision and hand-selected from carefully aged casks of Great Jones straight bourbon. But what sets this bourbon apart is its unique finishing process. After meticulous aging, the bourbon is transferred to Wölffer Estate’s Caya Cabernet Franc oak barrels, which undergo an extraordinary transformation. Here, the bourbon is imbued with the subtle nuances of Wölffer’s renowned wines, resulting in a harmonious marriage of flavors that elevate the spirit to new heights, a testament to the artistry of its creators.

The bourbon itself is a symphony of rich, warm notes. Its strength is undeniable, yet a refined elegance to its character sets it apart. The wine barrel finishing adds a distinctive botanical dimension, pulling out layers of complexity that linger after each sip. My favorite way to drink it was in the Forbidden Fruit cocktail at Great Jones. The recipe includes Great Jones x Wölffer Easte Cask Bourbon, lemon, fig leaf, Wölffer Estate Cab Franc floater, and egg white.

Kelly Alvarez Siry

As you raise a glass of this exceptional bourbon, you can’t help but feel a sense of pride for the state that brought it to life. In every sip, you taste the passion, the creativity, and the unyielding spirit of New York — cheers to Wölffer Estate Vineyards and Great Jones Distilling Co.

Kelly Siry


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