Bedside Reading’s February Book Picks

“We love falling in love, we love to read about love and February is the perfect time to do just that!” – Jane Ubell-Meyer

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Mary Whitcombe by Valerie Nifora

An heiress who’s lost her fortune. A whirlwind romance. Abandoned by all she once knew; can she dare to trust this newfound love?

It’s the turn of the 19th century, and Mary Whitcombe lives in blissful ignorance of the wider world. An orphan born into wealth, her guardian sends her away to a convent, where she grapples with the abrupt transition from opulent living to the austere cloister. But as she matures, Mary’s heart discovers its first love in the form of the young gardener at the institution.

Unprepared for a heart-wrenching tragedy that strikes, Mary decides to forgo her vows. Now, she’s compelled to depart, leaving behind her sheltered existence. In a society where her innocence could render her a pawn in a treacherous game of power and wealth, Mary faces the harsh realities of life. Will these cruelties shatter her last hope of a happily ever after?

“Mary Whitcombe” is the captivating second installment in The Fairmounts romantic fiction series. If you relish deeply passionate characters, enthralling mysteries, and dramatic deceit, you’ll adore Valerie Nifora’s timeless storytelling.

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The Space Between by Sarah Ready

Life doesn’t have many certainties, but for Andrea and Jace, forever is one of them.

Andrea Leighton-Hughes—shockingly wealthy Upper East Sider, a chess piece in her family’s games since before she was born—knows what it’s like to hide behind a mask. Her world is one of lies, manipulation, and reputation. Jace is the first and only person to see who she truly is.

Jace Morgan is no stranger to tragedy, and every day is a struggle to get by. A musical prodigy from the Bronx, Jace, and his brothers will do whatever it takes to climb to the top of the music charts. Andrea is the first and only person who has helped him play from the heart.

No one understands their connection. No one understands their love. As Jace and Andrea struggle to stay together and prove that love defeats all obstacles, life sets out to prove them wrong.

What happens when two people promise forever, but life tears them apart? What happens in the time they aren’t together—in the space between?

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The Blue Butterfly by Leslie Johansen Nack

The true-life story of Marion Davies’ thirty-four-year relationship with William Randolph Hearst, including harrowing family excesses and a secret love affair with Charlie Chaplin.

New York 1915, Marion Davies is a shy eighteen-year-old beauty dancing on the Broadway stage when she meets William Randolph Hearst and finds herself captivated by his riches, passion and desire to make her a movie star. Following a whirlwind courtship, she learns through trial and error to live as Hearst’s mistress when a divorce from his wife proves impossible. A baby girl is born in secret in 1919 and they agree to never acknowledge her publicly as their own. In a burgeoning Hollywood scene, she works hard making movies while living a lavish partying life that includes a secret love affair with Charlie Chaplin. In late 1937, at the height of the depression, Hearst wrestles with his debtors and failing health, when Marion loans him $1M when nobody else will. Together, they must confront the movie that threatens to invalidate all of Marion’s successes in the movie industry: Citizen Kane.

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The Trials of Adeline Turner by Angela Terry

Thirty-three-year-old corporate attorney Adeline Turner has built her adult life around stability. Her professional life is thriving, but her personal life . . . not so much. Deep down she wants more, but finds it’s easier to brush aside her dreams and hide behind her billable hours. That is, until a new client and a chance encounter with her high school crush have her taking leaps she never planned. Suddenly, unadventurous, nose-to-the-grindstone Adeline finds herself moving across the country from her predictable life in Chicago to San Francisco, falling into messy romantic situations, and trying to unravel an office-sabotage plot before it ruins her career. Without the safety net of her old life in Chicago, Adeline must become her own advocate and learn that people aren’t always who they seem. Which makes her wonder if the key to having the future she desires lies in uncovering the truth of the past.

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Royalties by Andy Marx

The year is 1908 when Eve Solomon, an eighteen-year-old orphan, arrives in New York to live with her aunt and uncle and pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist. Against her wishes, Eve’s uncle forces her to work in a sweatshop where he is the foreman. Yearning for freedom, Eve escapes to Chicago a year later and lands a job playing piano at a small music publishing company. Although far from her dream of becoming a concert pianist, Eve’s life will never be the same.

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Ruby Falls by Deborah Royce

Like the chilling psychological thriller The Silent Patient, Deborah Goodrich Royce’s Ruby Falls is a nail-biting tale of a fragile young actress, the new husband she barely knows, and her growing suspicion that the secrets he harbors may eclipse her own. On a brilliantly sunny July day, six-year-old Ruby is abandoned by her father in the suffocating dark of a Tennessee cave. Twenty years later, transformed into soap opera star Eleanor Russell, she is fired under dubious circumstances. Fleeing to Europe, she marries a glamorous stranger named Orlando Montague and keeps her past closely hidden.

Together, Eleanor and Orlando start afresh in LA. Setting up house in a storybook cottage in the Hollywood Hills, Eleanor is cast in a dream role—the lead in a remake of Rebecca. As she immerses herself in that eerie gothic tale, Orlando’s personality changes, ghosts of her past re-emerge, and Eleanor fears she is not the only person in her marriage with a secret.  In this thrilling and twisty homage to Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, the story ricochets through the streets of Los Angeles, a dangerous marriage to an exotic stranger, and the mind of a young woman whose past may not release her.

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