Recipe: Spuntino Wine Bar’s Beet Campanelle

Here we share a recipe for Beet Campanelle, courtesy of Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas in Westbury.


Alfredo Sauce

2 oz (fluid) Olive oil

3 oz (weight Unsalted butter

3 oz (weight) Minced garlic

4 oz (weight) Diced Shallots

4 oz (weight) Parmesan cheese (grated)

1  teaspoon Ground Black pepper

1  teaspoon Kosher Salt

12 oz (fluid) Heavy Cream

Beet Pasta Batch

1/4 cup Water

1/4 cup Kosher salt

3.5 oz Cooked & peeled beets

2 cup Flour


In a blender, blend the beets and water together until smooth.

To create a puree, mix the flour, salt, and puree together and knead for about 10-15 mins until a smooth ball is created.

Once the dough is smooth, wrap it in plastic wrap and allow it to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Once the dough has rested, cut into 4 pieces.

The dough can now be rolled out by hand or a pasta roller.

Once the dough is rolled out, lightly dust with flour. Roll the dough and cut into strips.

Unravel the noodles and toss them in another dusting of flour.

You can now cook the pasta or freeze until ready to use.

Cook the pasta in salted boiling water for 3 minutes.

Heat the oil in a saute pan on medium heat for about 90 seconds.

Then add the garlic and allow to cook until golden brown.

Next, you would want to add in your heavy cream, shallots, and parmesan. Save some of the parmesan to use as a garnish once done.

Consistently stir until the sauce thickens. Once the sauce is ready, add in your favorite pasta, toss and enjoy.

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