Dr. Christina Rahm: A Talk With The Author of ‘Cure The Causes,’ Following Debilitating Illness With Lyme Disease & Cancer

Dr. Christina Rahm, a multi-talented doctor, psychologist, scientist, patent innovator, humanitarian, and author, has launched DRC Ventures, a global catalyst for conservation efforts. Her mission is to create sustainable solutions, which challenge the status quo creatively, scientifically, and artistically — to create products to support the health of individuals, animals, and the Earth, with environmental attention also paid to land, air, and water conservation. She is the author of “Cure The Causes Cookbook.”

Christina, you have now written a follow-up book to “Cure the Causes” — your second book, “Cure the Causes Cookbook,” for people who not only want to eat healthy but become healthier based on certain illnesses and chronic disease. Tell us how this book came about?

As someone who has survived Lyme disease and cancer, I wanted to discuss some of the disciplines I took to fight both diseases. If you are health conscious and want to learn to treat your body well, “Cure The Causes Cookbook” is for you. As a scientist, I do not ever claim to cure diseases and illness, instead, I educate on natural ways to assist the body in dealing with the various environmental attacks. The cookbook shows you how you can support your body naturally by getting to the root of the issues that cause various wars and illnesses. Environmental factors like viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus and inflammation, stress, and anxiety can cause major health problems.

Why are so many people not eating healthy?

This book was written with the goal of helping teach people how to naturally support their bodies by cooking with various types of plants, vegetables, fruits, certain proteins, and foods, which support the body when dealing with health problems. Moreover, the book also shares plenty of recipes to teach you how you can assist your body in dealing with disease by making healthier eating choices.

Unfortunately, there are many factors when it comes to a healthy body. Sadly, our bodies are overwrought with toxins due to harmful substances in water, food, cleaning products, and other environmental sources that we are all exposed to daily. My focus is on the importance of eradicating the body of environmental waste first, and then providing and protecting it through nutrients and vitamins. I believe in evidence-based medicine, but I also believe in the bold new world of nutraceuticals and wellness strategies, to help those who deal with certain illnesses and or chronic disease.

Can these recipes help individuals who are fighting ailments or diseases that are debilitating? 

Neither “Cure The Causes” or “Cure The Causes Cookbook” claim to cure any disease. Instead, the books weave us through why illness can happen to anyone, and how some types of healing can take place by zeroing in on the root cause instead of the symptoms. Nutrients are key. Detoxing is key. Feeding your body is so important to build your immune system. Every chapter discusses a specific list of ailments and showcases natural remedies that can assist people and their bodies by eradicating toxins first. By doing what is right for the body, we can assist it with reducing inflammation and help people successfully manage health problems and disease-related medical complications. 

At the end of every chapter, recipes are shared to help cook and to organize foods that aid the body in fighting infections, virus, fungus, and various types of bacteria. My cookbook gives several examples on why inflammation occurs in the body, and then recipes to help decrease some of the inflammation. Some of those chapters include nutritional recipes to support autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s. Other chapters include recipes to support fungal overgrowth, bacterial, viral, and even a parasitic cleanse diet.

Do you have other books coming up? Tell us more.

I’m excited about our new book, “Health & Wellness Guide” plus two other books coming in the Fall. Make sure you stay in contact with us on therootbrands.com/coffeetalk.

I understand you are having a few book signings in the Hamptons? July 7 with Boss Moms and August 27 at the Hampton Classic with Hamptons Fashion Week?

I love the Hamptons and have been here with my family. We are doing another book signing hosted by Hamptons Boss Moms at PLAIN-T in Southampton as well. Then I’m happy to announce that we will feature our partnership with the Merci Dupree Clothiers line for Hamptons Fashion Week on August 26. Merci Dupre Clothiers, expected to become the ultimate in eco-fashion luxury, will host environmentally protective technology to stave off and repel hazardous toxins. The unique line of “enviremware” will host patented, nano-biotech formulas woven into the textile material, offering an unbeatable barrier against EMF radiation, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus, while supporting non-exposure of radio frequency electromagnetic particles from 5G.

Tell us what other products we can find at the Hamptons Fashion Week pop up store at the Hampton Classic?

We will be at the Hamptons Fashion Week pop up store at the Hampton Classic this year featuring our many brands such as animal line and partners Bill + Coo, Ella Pure our luxury skin care line and organic detoxing called Rahm Roast and of course our book “Cure the Causes” and “Health & Wellness Guide.” We are also featuring our upcoming new product and horse blanket that is also coated with “enviremware,” our patented, nano-biotech formulas woven into the textile material to protect the animal.

Where can our readers find your book?


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