Figue-ing It Out: Liz Lange On Her Bohemian Chic Brand

Liz Lange at Grey Gardens wearing Figue. Photo: David Benthal

Liz Lange has been a significant force in the fashion industry for over two decades. She made a name for herself in the late 1990s with her eponymous maternity clothing line, creating stylish and figure-flattering designs for expectant mothers. After selling her company in 2007, Lange focused on democratizing fashion and making designer styles accessible to all women with her collections for Target, Kohl’s, and QVC.

Liz Lange at Grey Gardens wearing Figue. Photo: David Benthal
Liz Lange at Grey Gardens wearing Figue. Photo: David Benthal

In December 2020, Lange acquired the bohemian chic brand Figue, marking an exciting new chapter in her prolific career. She sat down for an interview to discuss her inspirations and vision for the fashion label. 

When asked what inspired her to acquire Figue, Lange explained, “I acquired Figue in December of 2020. It was the middle of Covid-19, and I had heard that Figue was for sale. I adored the brand and coincidentally found myself (due to Covid) living full-time at our house in Palm Beach (rather than New York City) and, as such, wearing my Figue dresses and kaftans 24/7. They just felt comfortable and chic and really right. I had been a brand fan forever and was looking for my next chapter. This just seemed meant to be.”

Describing the Figue aesthetic, Lange said, “We’re big on the idea of approachable maximalism. Think statement prints, vibrant colors, and rich textures, all brought together in a way that feels effortless and wearable. It’s about creating clothes that let you be your most colorful, confident self, no matter where the day takes you. It’s a bit of a jet-setter vibe, with a touch of ’70s glam thrown in. We love mixing global influences and unexpected details to create pieces that feel truly unique. But at the end of the day, it’s all about clothes that make you feel good.”

Regarding how her travels influenced the collections, Lange remarked, “My love of travel was instilled in me at a young age by my parents, who were huge travelers and always took my sister and me with them. By the time I was 18, I had pretty much been everywhere. As a seasoned traveler, I refuse (and refuse to allow my children or husband) to ever check luggage. I need clothing that I can throw into a carry-on bag and will work in a variety of situations. That is exactly how I design Figue. All our dresses, kaftans, and separates can create a myriad of looks depending on how you combine and accessorize them. As such, they can truly take you from the sand to sundown or from running around the city to chic dinners and even black-tie events. Sounds like a magic trick, but it’s true. That’s the beauty of Figue!”

When asked about her design process, Lange explained, “I start with a mood, a vibe, maybe an image of someone I find chic and then build it from there. Often, for example, I’ll have Jackie O in my head and ask myself, ‘What would Jackie wear?’ and the rest flows from there.” On selecting fabrics, she said, “We love silks and cotton in various weights and finishes, as they are luxurious and sustainable.”

Discussing the evolution of Figue, Lange shared, “When I first acquired being famous for our bold prints and kaftans, which honor the brand’s heritage, we have infused it with more separates and even solids (we call these blank canvas) and knits.”

Addressing the challenges of running a fashion brand, she explained, “People mistakenly think the fashion industry is glamorous, but in reality, it’s a thrift business and a lot of hard work. I think, like so many other entrepreneurs, I am a very optimistic, solutions-oriented person. So, when things go wrong rather than dwell on it, I just talk with my team about how we can fix it and what are available options and move forward. It’s the only way one can survive.”

Detailing a typical day, Lange explained, “I start at around 7 AM by doing my Instagram posting, responding to followers, and working on the press, which involves doing interviews like this one. The rest of my day is divided between sitting in multi-hour fittings and design meetings, seeing fabric vendors, visiting stores that carry Figue, problem-solving, and anything else the day throws at me.”

On designing for the Figue woman, she said, “The Figue woman is someone who embraces life and all its adventures. She’s not afraid to stand out, but she also wants clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear. She’s the kind of woman who can go from the beach to a cocktail party without missing a beat — which is very me!”

Touching on where customers can shop the brand in person, Lange responded, “Although we don’t have our Figue retail shops, we have a brand new, very shoppable website and a showroom in NYC. It’s also easy to see Figue in person at a multitude of local retailers who do carry it, including multiple Saks and Neiman Marcus locations, Curio by Faena, Tootsies, Hive, and Marissa Collections, among others.”

Discussing future goals, she shared, “Figue’s future is brimming with exciting possibilities. We’re committed to staying true to our DNA while embracing aspects of quiet luxury that remain true to Figue form. I do hope to ultimately open at least one retail boutique, perhaps in Palm Beach, where I spend my winters these days. We plan to have a multitude of categories, many of which we have started to dip into already, including but not limited to tabletop, swim, knitwear, and home accessories. International expansion also seems like a natural progression for the brand.”

Lange emphasized advice for aspiring designers: “Definitely start by doing something that seems a bit out of fashion these days: get a job working for a fashion brand or designer before starting on your own! I know everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and have their own “lifestyle brand” these days, but the skills you will learn working for someone else first will be invaluable.”

Exploring what inspires her now, she responded, “One place I have never been and am dying to go is India. I want to meet with some of the artisans who produce our clothing, and I know how inspired I’ll be by the colors, the jewels, the women, the food, all of it.”

Through Figue, Lange has found the perfect outlet to merge her two great loves — fashion and travel. Her globetrotting spirit and eclectic tastes shine through in the exotic patterns, luxe fabrics, and versatile silhouettes that define the brand’s collections. As both a mother and a seasoned jet-setter who refuses to check bags, Lange designs each piece with the modern wanderlust woman in mind. Her creations aim to elegantly transition from shore to soirée, embargoing women with effortless glamour no matter where their adventures take them. With Figue, Liz Lange has created the ultimate travel-ready fashion brand that embodies her bold spirit, passion for discovery, and feminine but functional aesthetic.

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