Finding Global Luxury In The Handmade: Interior Details To Watch In 2024

As the curtain closes on 2023, tastemakers offer tantalizing forecasts of what’s to come in the worlds of interior design and décor. Rich textures, global artisanship, and customizable tech-infused pieces take center stage. Neutral backdrops stage vibrant accent colors and materials – velvet in emerald hues, terrazzo with glints of gold, clay with cracks and crevices that catch the light. We surround ourselves with sensory details to delight and ground.

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Amidst the modern furnishings, the handmade takes focus on ornamental lighting, carved wooden screens that cast romantic shadows, and ceramic vases with organic imperfections in the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that values imperfections, simplicity, and the beauty of aging. In the context of a handmade ceramic vase, wabi-sabi may be reflected in irregular shapes, uneven glazes, and subtle imperfections that enhance the overall character of the piece. We’re reminded of ancestral craftsmanship passed down through generations. As a counterpoint, new tech like digital printing lets us customize wallcoverings, art, and flexible room dividers to our tastes.

The sustainable design movement also shapes material choices as we opt for renewable, natural textures like cork harvested without harming tree bark and versatile renewable bamboo building on its popularity across lighting, flooring, and furniture pieces with an earthy appeal. Reclaimed wood finds new life in dining tables and hand-carved serving boards. Upcycled fabrics add pops of color to pillows and upholstered chairs.

As we continue blending work and life at home, adaptable furnishings also rise to prominence. Modular seating hotel-style with movable room partitions lets us reconfigure living spaces for multi-purpose use. Wood is cork, bamboo, and ultra-natural with dark or medium varnish.

In these ways, 2024 interiors promise highly personalized luxury that still stays grounded in ecological materials and global heritage. We surround ourselves with artisanal creations that speak of ancient making processes while seamlessly integrating tech-forward bespoke designs. The coming year looks to homes that balance the sleek and rough-hewn, the digitally augmented, as in stunning wallpapers all lend a lovingly hand-touched look to any room. The possibilities lie rich with sensory delights that tantalize the eye while soothing the soul of the global traveler.

Ty Wenzel

Co-Publisher & Contributor

Ty Wenzel started her career as a fashion coordinator for Bloomingdale’s followed by fashion editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine. She was also a writer for countless publications, including having published a memoir and written features for The New York Times. She is an award-winning writer and designer who covers lifestyle, real estate, architecture and interiors for James Lane Post. Wenzel is also a co-founder of the meditation app for kids, DreamyKid, and the social media agency, TWM Hamptons Social Media.

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