Luke Gulbranson Talks World Premiere Of ‘Love…Reconsidered’

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s the world premiere of rom-com “Love…Reconsidered,” a film based in the Hamptons. The film will be screened in select New York City theaters, including Village East by Angelika and New Plaza Cinema, starting February 2. It will make its debut on streaming services on February 6. 

Based on a true story, the film is produced and written by local business owner Arielle Haller-Silverstone, the owner of Le Closet in Southampton, and directed by Carol Ray Hartsell.

The film tells the story of Ruby, played by Sophie Von Haselberg, a New Yorker who is down on her luck and can’t seem to keep a job, a boyfriend, or find a way to leave her parents’ house, but aspires to be so much more. In the film, her life is transported to the Hamptons after meeting a quirky, wealthy consignment store owner named Golda in Central Park, who hands over the keys to the shop. The film also features actors Colton Haynes, Luke Gulbranson, Jill Kargman, and more.

Once in the Hamptons, Ruby attempts to connect with an ex who wants to stay her ex, a charlatan disguised as Gwyneth Paltrow’s bestie, and various other characters. The film shows their stories entangled in a humorous and heartfelt web. When an apartment she’s meant to stay in doesn’t work out, she moves into a room in an old camper owned by John, played by Luke Gulbranson.

We caught up with Gulbranson, who was also a castmate on Bravo’s “Summer House,” to learn more about his experience playing John in the film.

A still from “Love…Reconsidered”

Tell us about the character John and your storyline in “Love… Reconsidered.” 

What I liked about John is I envisioned this guy who has a quirkiness to him, which I think is fun. He’s a bit far out there, kind of spacy, but yet he has his shit together. He’s from the Hamptons. He grew up there… He owns and operates a plumbing business and works as an electrician. I feel like everybody in the community knows him. He’s a very smart man, but he has his own weird way of solving a problem. I feel like John brings a sense of humor and fun to the people he’s around. He doesn’t even realize that he is doing it. I felt like John didn’t take life too seriously, yet he has a sense of depth and a philosophical touch to his personality. 

The characters in this story find him endearing and are drawn to him, which is pretty cool. His ideas are far out there but realistic, and he always means well. It was a fun challenge to bring that to life. I really had a lot of fun playing the role of John. And I think that people enjoy his character as they watch the film. 

Can we discuss the $150/night room in the camper that Ruby rents from John? 

It’s not the nicest room. It’s actually kind of far from it. However, as you and I know, and obviously as John knows, it’s pretty standard for the astronomical rates you’d find right in the Hamptons. Because he has such a big heart, I don’t think he does it to try and rake money or take advantage of people. I think John’s just been there for so long that he’s like, this is just how it is.

We love how each storyline tells a different tale of a Hamptons-based relationship (love, work, friendship). Is there a particular scene that is your favorite?

I enjoyed the process of filming. Every day we were on set, it was a lot of fun, and our whole crew was really great to work with. I don’t have any particular scene or part I’ve enjoyed the most because the whole process was a lot of fun. I will say that I really do like Ruby’s story throughout the film. I like that you find yourself rooting for her along this ride of ups and downs, and it leaves you with a sense of hope that she’ll find what she’s looking for, whether it be happiness or love. That keeps you really intrigued in these other stories and the cast of characters you meet along the way. When you watch a film, you want to watch something you can relate to and connect with. And I think that’s what makes a good film, a good film. 

Now that you’ve filmed reality TV with “Summer House” and a feature film in the Hamptons, can you talk about the filming process for both? What’s your takeaway from each experience?

That’s a really good question. I’ve been pretty fortunate to do both sides of the TV and film world, both scripted and unscripted. I’ve been a scripted actor before being part of the unscripted world. Working in scripted film, you’re an actor, and acting’s an art form. It takes years of studying and rehearsing the practice and the skill to develop the tools you need to go on to a set and apply. In unscripted, you’re really just being a raw version of yourself in these moments, and it’s being captured. 

What is interesting about the two is that as an actor, you want to be able to live in an imaginary circumstance, make choices, have a backstory, and live in this character. But you want it to be real, right? You never want to act at acting. I’ve learned over the years that it needs to be real in that moment.  

But in unscripted, you get to just be real. It’s just you yourself. So whether it’s unscripted or scripted, you want the same result. It’s just the amount of work that goes into scripted, with your studying and the work that you have to put in to live in those moments through your practice.

What are your favorite places to visit when you’re in the Hamptons? 

The Hamptons have a very special place in my heart. I’ve spent the past few years of my life out there throughout the summers. I will say it’s a big difference when you’re filming on a film set in October compared to filming throughout the summer. When we were filming the movie, it was a lot quieter than all the places we were filming during the summer during “Summer House.” 

The thing I’ve liked about the Hamptons is that it reminds me a lot of my small town in northern Minnesota… It really is just a small community. They’re all so kind, and I find myself feeling really comfortable and like it’s my home away from home when I’m there. 

I really enjoy going to Southampton Social Club. That’s been a staple of a place that I feel like a lot of us have gone to throughout our summers. Union Burger Bar is fun. Just walking down Main Street, Sag Harbor is so cute and fun, and there are always really cool shops. A friend of mine owns a place called In Home, which is an awesome furniture store there. I enjoy going in and checking out their new creations, grabbing an ice cream cone and walking down the street, having a burger or something, and just chilling. 

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