Pastoral Chic Redefined: Annie Selke And Kit Kemp Unveil Nature-Inspired New Forest Collection

Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp

In a confluence of two design luminaries, Annie Selke and Kit Kemp have unveiled their latest collaborative tour de force — the New Forest Collection. This exquisite curation pays homage to the charm of the English countryside while imbuing it with a fresh, contemporary sensibility that redefines the notion of country elegance.

Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp
Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp

Drawing inspiration from the captivating landscapes of the New Forest National Park in southern England, Kit Kemp has channeled the region’s verdant trails and woodlands into a collection that exudes an enchanting country aesthetic. The palette, a symphony of hues culled from nature’s vibrant tapestry, evokes a timeless elegance that harmonizes with the modern design vernacular.

Bold, handmade wool and cotton rugs set the stage with a spirited personality, while pillows, adorned with intricate hand appliqué, embroidery, and cutwork, lend an artisanal charm. Rug benches and linen duvet covers, complemented by matching curtain panels, complete the ensemble, presenting a cohesive vision of refined opulence.

True to the inimitable styles of both Kit Kemp and Annie Selke, the collection is a celebration of individuality and creative expression. From whimsical motifs like “Rufus Stone” and “Dawn Chorus” to nostalgic references such as “Miss Muffett,” each piece tells a captivating story steeped in historic references and personal memories, inviting admirers to embark on a journey of exploration and imagination.

Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp
Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp

Heirloom Quality, Modern Sensibility

While captivating in its allure, the New Forest Collection remains steadfast in its commitment to durability and longevity. Exuding heirloom-quality craftsmanship, each piece is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring years of enjoyment while embodying a modern sensibility. In Kit Kemp’s own words, the collection is “colorful, captivating, and really fun,” extending an irresistible invitation to infuse any space with a vibrant joie de vivre.

As Annie Selke and Kit Kemp extend their successful partnership, they reaffirm their shared commitment to innovation in interior design. Through this collaboration, they continue to redefine the boundaries of sophisticated country elegance, offering discerning clientele an exclusive array of products that bear the unmistakable stamp of their A-list designer pedigree.

Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp
Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp

About The Annie Selke Companies:

The Annie Selke Companies have been designing beautiful and innovative home décor from their headquarters in the scenic Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts since 1994 when Annie Selke founded Pine Cone Hill, the luxury bedding, bath, and accessories line. In 2004, they added Dash & Albert rugs and have been revolutionizing the industry ever since with their technological know-how and supreme handcraft. Now under the umbrella of the Annie Selke Companies, their premium products can be found in every corner of their customers’ homes, from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and outdoor patios.

Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp
Courtesy of Annie Selke & Kit Kemp

For 30 years, Annie Selke’s products have made their way onto countless magazine covers and into the Obama White House. They’ve also created a stellar club of collaborators, which includes Architectural Digest hall-of-famer Bunny Williams, and Texas design sensation Marie Flanigan. By combining these sought-after styles with Annie Selke’s decades of expertise, they’ve been able to offer their customers an exclusive array of products that have their A-list designer stamp of approval.

About Kit Kemp:

Kit Kemp is passionate about creating exciting and unique interiors. Over the years Kit Kemp MBE has been forging an internationally acclaimed reputation at the helm of the Kit Kemp Design Studio and as a successful textiles, fragrance, and homewares designer, author, and highly-respected champion of British art, craft, and sculpture.

The Kit Kemp Design Studio is celebrated for its individual and original approach to hotel and residential design, with colorful and detailed storytelling that celebrates craft and captures the imagination. Kit has won many awards including House & Garden’s Hotel Designer of the Year, The Crown Estate’s Urban Business Award, and CNN Traveller’s Best Hotel in the World for Design.

In 2012, Kit published her first book, “A Living Space,” which follows an inspiring personal voyage through the many spaces she has designed. Kit’s fourth book, “Design Secrets,” was published in May 2021., launched in 2017, brings together the World of Kit Kemp with her collections of furniture, fabrics, fragrances, and home accessories. Kit launched her website, Kit Kemp’s Design Thread, in 2019. Showcasing her world of color and design, the blog explores Kit’s collaborations whilst giving an insight into her work and the day-to-day experiences in her design studio.

Kit Kemp is a Trustee of Fine Cell Work and the Heritage of London Trust. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels.

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