‘Space – Sight – Line’ Exhibit Opens At The Church

“Space – Sight – Line” is The Church in Sag Harbor’s Spring show, opening on Saturday, March 9, with a reception from 6 to 7:30 PM.

The exhibit explores the way artists play with visual perception. The perspective of the viewer is a key dynamic in this show. The works included are playfully deceptive, often using ingenious techniques that invite viewers to stop and rethink where they are and what they see. Surprising uses of space, light, and unexpected media and approaches to art-making empower the art. It makes viewers look at themselves and invites interaction – and will bring a whole new level of drama and delight to experiencing the iconic architecture of The Church.

Walead Besthy’s “Two Sided Picture (YR).” Courtesy of the artist and Petzel Gallery, New York. Collection of Sherry and Douglas Oliver.

As Chief Curator Sara Cochran explained, “Entering into our fourth year of operation, this exhibition has been a tremendous opportunity to rethink the relationship to the physical space of The Church and the presence of contemporary art. This historic building has proved itself to be an incredibly sympathetic place to show art, and the works in this show are pushing that conversation even further. The installations and other pieces ask for the participation of the viewer as they see and think about what is in front of them. I am deeply grateful to the artists and estates who have worked with us on this interesting and compelling exhibition.”

The exhibition began with an invitation to artist Christine Sciulli to create a site-specific work in the rafters of The Church. Inspired by water, her piece is a sculpture and a three-dimensional drawing in space. Different angles change the shape of the piece and the relationship between its elements, turning the vast ceiling of The Church into her canvas.

Artists will include Uta Barth, Walead Beshty, Mel Bochner, Tara Donovan, Sol LeWitt, Gordon Matta-Clark, Matthew Satz, Christine Sciulli, Keith Sonnier, and Steven J. Yazzie. Sara Cochran curates the exhibition.

The show will run through May 26.

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