The Night Of Shooting Stars With Joe Rao

Hamptons Observatory presents a special, free, virtual lecture by Emmy Award winning meteorologist, Joe Rao, who will speak about a new, very prolific meteor shower that he predicted and expects to occur on the May 30 to 31.

On Monday, May 23, from 7 to 8 PM, Hamptons Observatory will present the lecture entitled “The Night of Shooting Stars with Joe Rao.” This event will be co-hosted by the South Fork Natural History Museum.

While many know Joe as having been the Chief Meteorologist and Science Editor at News 12, amateur astronomers are familiar with him as an avid sky watcher himself.

“Over the years, everyone in the astronomy community on Long Island has been grateful to Joe for his participation and updates on what’s going on in the skies above,” said Hamptons Observatory’s Executive Director, Donna L. McCormick. “We’re all very excited about Joe’s prediction and look forward to the possibility of witnessing a spectacular event, weather permitting, of course.”

“Calculations are fraught with uncertainties that could mean the difference between all or nothing… In the best-case scenario, we could see a bevy of slow, bright meteors, glowing with a ruddy or orange tint, falling at the rate of scores or even many hundreds per hour. On the other hand, perhaps Earth will encounter very few comet particles or even none at all. Let’s hope Nature is in a ‘show-off mode’ that night!” said Rao.

Registration is required for this virtual event.

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