The White Room Gallery Moves To East Hampton; Presents ‘Colorful Interpretations’

After eight years in Bridgehampton the White Room Gallery is moving to East Hampton to a larger space located at 3 Railroad Avenue. A grand opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 4, from 5 to 7 PM for the show “Colorful Interpretations.”

“For the premiere exhibit in our new East Hampton location we wanted to celebrate the distinct hallmark of artistry, that which makes each artist unique – their point of view, simply put how they interpret and execute that compelling and, at times, challenging inner voice,” said a curators statement from co-directors Andrea McCafferty and Kat O’Neill.

Artwork by Cedric Sequerra

“To that we wanted to add another layer – the power of color. The theory of color fascinated philosophers like Aristotle and scientists like Newton for centuries. da Vinci meditated under a purple light for inspiration. A study in the ’80s found that jail cells painted pepto bismol pink were found to alleviate aggression. And there’s a reason the backstage rooms are painted green as green is not only seen better by the human eye than any other color in the spectrum, but it is proven to reduce the heart rate.”

Artwork by Cabell Molina

Some of the artists in the show have exhibited at the gallery in the past while others are new to White Room Gallery. Artists include Nelson De La Nuez, Cedric Sequerra, Craig Alan, Cabell Molina, Russell Young, Robert Georgio, FRINGE, Seek One, John Francis Gallagher, Greg Lotus, Markus Klinko, and more.

“The White Room has always been a blank canvas, open to a myriad of interpretations and with this exhibit that canvas comes to life with diamond dusted femme-fatales, cafes, dancers and surfers in a style reminiscent of French impressionist Edgar Degas, Gray Gardens Soup cans telling you that it’s, ‘Time to play’ and abstracts that twist and turn alongside sculptures that do the same. Add to that spiked-heels under water and mysterious sun-glassed women in tropical paradises,” continued the statement from McCafferty and O’Neill.

The exhibit will run through November 19.


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