Artist Fabiana Yvonne Lugli To Launch Art Experience In The Hamptons: SignofSound

Artist Fabiana Yvonne Lugli is launching a unique immersive art experience in the Hamptons called SignofSound.

On October 21, Lugli will unveil SignofSound at one of Eisner Design’s properties in East Hampton. This event promises to be a feast for the senses, featuring art, music, and culinary delights. It will showcase a visual art performance by Lugli, music by Italian electronic artist ENTROPIA and tenor saxophonist and composer JD Allen, and a panel discussion led by Nadine Katkhouda.

The multidisciplinary art project involves music, dance, action painting, and video art based on interactions and improvisation through nonverbal communication. SignofSound is an art methodology that helps reconnect mind and body.

Over the years, Lugli’s art methodology has been taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the National Academy of Dance in Rome. To kick off the Art Immersion Weekend, this project will be presented at the Pollock-Krasner House & Study Center in Springs, on October 18, at 4 PM.

SignofSound also supports Culture for One, an organization that helps introduce art as a form of therapy for kids. The October 21 event is ticketed and will benefit this organization.

We spoke to Lugli to learn more.

Tell us about your background as an artist.

I am a dancer with a classical ballet and contemporary background. I became a painter and a set designer for Balletto di Roma in Italy – Don Chisciotte with André De La Ross. It was then that I started fusing all the knowledge I had towards a multidisciplinary vision. I started developing my art project between Rome, Italy, and New York. Over the years I interacted with different kinds of musicians, dancers, and video artists feeding what in the art world we call the “experimental space.” I had the opportunity to learn my own way of generating internal images and transforming them due to the power of the connection between mind and body.

SignofSound is also an art therapy methodology that has been taught at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the National Academy of Dance in Rome for more than a decade. The power of the arts can help to reconnect the mind to the body due to the therapeutic effect of the art.

Performer Valentina Buffone. Photo by Marco Bulgarelli

Tell us about the art experience SignofSound and the events you have coming up.

SignofSound is a multi-sensorial and multidisciplinary art project involving music, painting, video art, and dance based on interactions and improvisation through non-verbal communication. Dancers, paint performers, musicians, and video artists interact on the stage using colors, their bodies, and music to create an immersive collective experience. The audience is emotionally part of the show.

I will be presenting the performance on October 18 at the Pollock-Krasner House in Springs, hosted by Joyce Raimondo at 4 PM. You can register for the online event on the museum’s page.

On October 21 we will be relaunching in East Hampton at one of Eisner’s Design properties SignofSound with electronic band ENTROPIA, Valentina Buffone dancer, both coming from Rome, and J.D. Allen, a tenor saxophonist and composer our special guest for the night.

Nadine Katkhouda, an ex-MoMA art curator, will be leading our thought-provoking panel discussion. Italian wine and food will be served. You can find us on Eventbrite under “SignofSound Immersive Art Experience.” 

What do you hope guests take away from these experiences?

SignofSound becomes a collective celebration of emotions that could lead to a deeper level of connection with ourselves. Listening to our feelings and being connected to them is a real need for us as humans. Unfortunately, our modern society is impeding us from becoming familiar with our deep emotions. SignofSound is an immersive experience that leads you into a pure “affectional dimension” that will help you generate internal images due to the power of sound and color.

You support Culture for One, an organization that helps introduce art as a form of therapy for kids. Can you tell us more about the work the foundation does?

Culture for One is an amazing organization that helps kids dream again. It’s a nonprofit that introduces art as a form of therapy for little ones. They strongly believe that art can be therapeutic for kids in foster care. I personally support and share this view strongly. Kids who didn’t have much color in their lives deserve to have more and better! Life with colors is way more fun and interesting!

Jessica Mackin-Cipro


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