Jade Trau: Fifth-Generation Diamantaire Debuts Bridal Pop-Up In Southampton

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Jade Trau creates wearable jewelry crafted in 18-karat gold, platinum, and ethically sourced diamonds. Pieces are assembled in her New York City workshop and sold at her Southampton storefront. She is soon debuting a new bridal pop-up experience in-store. We caught up with the designer to learn more.

Could you tell us a little about your brand and how you started your career as a diamond buyer?

A New York City native, I’m a self-identified 47th Street girl. It’s where I feel most at home, and I really feel it’s in my blood — it’s where the artistry of jewelry-making starts and where my family legacy began.

As a fifth-generation diamantaire, I spent much of my childhood with my grandfather, a legendary gem cutter, before setting up my brand in 2012. Starting my career as a diamond buyer, my holistic understanding of the diamond sourcing process plays a pivotal role in how I discerningly select the stones for each collection. While I’m usually seen wearing a rotating collection of my designs, the one piece I never leave at home is my loupe.

After years of experiencing traditional designs that eventually came to feel generic, I felt the jewelry world was in need of a new direction and started my own line. I often refer to the three great loves of my life: my twin teenage sons and my company, Jade Trau. As I feel I am with my children, I like to devote the same care and nurture to my company and to each piece I create.

From the meticulous selection of my diamonds to the process of crafting the perfect setting to compliment them, I have an intimate connection with my designs, which allows me to tap into a unique market of fine jewelry — pieces that stand out but still feel authentic; they are easy to wear and feel almost like a second skin. My philosophy is that diamonds are meant to be worn. If they are not being loved, I aim to breathe new life into old designs with both my collections and restyling projects — especially those with stories embedded in them. Jade Trau is the new “diamond classic.”

Could you tell us about the brand?

Known for the signature Alchemy Riviera Necklaces, modern takes on engagement rings, and casual luxe must-haves, Jade Trau is quickly defining what the new diamond classic is. Designed to be layered together, every collection creates an authentic, easy-to-wear aesthetic that looks as good as it feels. The foundation of each design hinges on my deep diamond roots that go back generations. I have decades of experience, which I feel helps me to create wearable pieces crafted in 18-karat gold, platinum, and ethically sourced diamonds assembled in my New York City workshop. That feeling of authenticity is woven throughout the brand — Jade Trau is a group of jewelry lovers who are so involved with the process and the pieces and have cultivated a familial community of retailers, craftsmen, and clients that help make up its ever-growing JT world.

Could you tell us about your Southampton shop and what visitors can expect?

Starting July 4th weekend, Jade Trau will be previewing our new bridal pop-up experience in-store at our summer store in Southampton. Featuring already beloved classics along with never-before-seen styles of engagement rings and wedding bands for pairing. The Jade Trau Bridal pop-up is a full-service consultation to find your perfect ring. Try on and see your favorite silhouettes in different natural diamond shapes and sizes and discover how each version can dramatically change the personality and feeling of its setting — all in one appointment.

Can you talk more about the new bridal atelier pop-up experience?

Jade Trau Bridal is a collection of signature styles that we have been gradually experimenting with and developing over the years. It’s a love letter to the design elements that are quintessentially JT — our versions of undeniable classics reimagined in a whole new modern way. The Jade Trau Bridal experience lets our clients try on their favorite settings in varying diamond shapes and sizes and watch the feeling and personality of those silhouettes transform based on which center diamond it has — all in one appointment.

What are a few of your favorite pieces for summer?

I tend to always wear longer necklaces in the summer with open shirts. One of my favorites is the Posey three-station necklace. I always layer my necklaces, but this would be key. I’ll also be wearing the Pippa necklace, and a charm will be worn. Most likely, the evil eye, as well as my signature JADE initial fused charms.

I also know I’ll be living in our new collection of bangles, as it’s such a summer vibe. With regards to earrings, it will be the Envoy or Posey loop earrings.

What’s next for Jade Trau?

Our first bangle collection will include nine pieces in total — seven flexi and two hard — all 18k yellow gold with my signature settings. They’re largely styled with our original Alchemy setting, which features our signature Alchemy border that allows the diamond’s shape and brilliance to be more noticeable. Almost a thick gold border protects the diamond.

The other key setting I wanted to highlight, which has been incorporated into the design of one of the bangles, includes my new design element that I’ll be incorporating into a curated selection of our signature styles. This new fancy-shaped cobblestone pavé features settings from our signature collections — fancy-shaped diamonds Alchemy, Poppy, and Posey alongside the classic, round brilliant-cut diamonds otherwise known as a standard pavé.

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