moon d’elle: Italian Shoe Brand Makes Hamptons Debut At Hamptons Fashion Week

As sisters raised in the two fashion capitals of the world, Milan and New York, founders Chandra and Tabitha bring a duality of culture and style to the moon d’elle collection of shoes. They will be debuting in the Hamptons at Hamptons Fashion Week.

Tell us about your background in fashion and how you got started in the industry.

On New Year’s Eve 2018, we went shopping in search of the perfect shoes but came home empty-handed. As sisters with a shared passion for shoes, we decided that night we would start a shoe collection capturing the versatile elegance we could not find on the rack. We wanted our brand to inspire confidence by marrying luxury and comfort, to provide unique style options but remain timeless for longevity, and to offer designs able to effortlessly transition any look from day to night. One failed shopping trip and moon d’elle was born! The moon d’elle name and logo — gazelle in a full moon — is derivative of both of our names, as Chandra means “moon” and Tabitha means “gazelle.”

Tell us about the materials you use and the craftsmanship of your shoes.

Our shoes are 100 percent designed and crafted in Italy. We work with Italian industry experts to select unique and innovative materials reflective of the signature moon d’elle style. Mixed materials and textures are recurring design themes intended to create contrast and interest in every pair of moon d’elle shoes. The shoes are then brought to life and handmade by expert Italian artisans.

You’re launching for the first time in the Hamptons. What brought you to the area?

Our two home bases are New York City and Milan. The Hamptons is to New York City what Forte dei Marmi is to Milan — chic beach locations with a strong sense of fashion, style, and a social scene that comes to life each summer. Vacation destinations like the Hamptons have inspired summer trends and informed the sandal designs at moon d’elle. When we learned about Hamptons Fashion Week, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to be on the runway.

Do you have a favorite style of shoe for the Hamptons?

The moon d’elle Spirale is our favorite shoe for the Hamptons. Introduced as part of our Capri Collection, it comes in two stunning colorways: Ice Brina (icy light blue) and Dark Stella (shimmering dark navy), featuring a stylish block heel. The materials are effortlessly elegant, and the unexpected, lush velvet laces add the perfect finishing touch. We’ve seen the Spirale paired with swimwear, casual daytime looks, cocktail dresses, and formal attire — making it the ideal shoe to complement a vibrant summer in the Hamptons.

What inspires your designs?

moon d’elle is inspired by the duality of our Italian-American heritage and our upbringing between the two countries. Travel has always been integral to our lives, and we draw significant inspiration from both cherished, familiar destinations and the excitement of exploring new cities.

Who is your customer?

The shoes are designed for those who have come up short when searching for a chic shoe, those who value classic elegance and exclusivity, and those who understand that the perfect shoe must be simultaneously comfortable, expertly crafted, and beautiful.

What do you have coming up?

There is a lot of anticipation building around our summer capsule collection, featuring four new colorways of our signature shoe, the Nebbiolina. With wedding season upon us and our list of moon d’elle brides continuing to grow, we’re redefining “wedding shoes” for brides and bridal parties. Additionally, we are designing a curated accessory line to complement our existing designs, including interchangeable anklets and ankle straps, additional lace colorways, and new hardware to offer even more versatility for each pair of moon d’elle shoes.

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