Stephanie Sack & The North Fork Apothecary: A Paradigm Shift In The Luxury Boutique Experience

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Nestled amid the pastoral landscapes of the North Fork, a vibrant spin is underway in the realm of luxury boutiques and experiences. From Greenport to Aquebogue, the region is blossoming with an array of rousing establishments and world-renowned dining spots. At the forefront of this evolution stands the North Fork Apothecary, a retail haven envisioned by its trailblazing founder, Stephanie Sack.

Formerly the co-owner of Popsicle & Finn in Greenport, Sack embarked on a transformative journey when she brought her creative prowess to Cutchogue, rebranding her venture after the closure of her previous establishment. This pivotal moment granted her the opportunity to forge her own path, curating an ideal lifestyle brand that seamlessly blends fashion, beauty, wellness, home and garden, and unforgettable experiential encounters.

Sack’s visionary spirit breathes new life into the tranquil vistas that surround her. Drawing inspiration from rock and roll’s iconography, she seamlessly intertwines elements like Ramones t-shirts and Bowie memorabilia with the high-end options from local and global designers like Zadig & Voltaire and Citizens of Humanity. She crafts extraordinary perfumes and lotions, blending exotic, organic fragrances with deep earthy scents.

Every facet of Sack’s work is imbued with authenticity. This is not an act. The North Fork Apothecary is who she is — an elevated realm of beauty, artistry, and exquisite indulgence.

Photo: David Sack

Congratulations on North Fork Apothecary! We love your selection of mens and womens ready to wear, accessories, beauty, furnishings and more. Can you tell us more about what you are offering at the boutique?

I think of the Apothecary as a modern general store. I carry a little bit of everything and it’s constantly changing. You’ll find quality clothing for women and men, accessories, clean skin care, makeup and sunscreen, CADDIS reading glasses, swimwear, locally handwoven textiles, gifts and practical goods for the home, beautiful jewelry, and art. You’ll even find coffee beans from Intelligentsia, and some cool vintage finds. I recently spoke with several visitors who happily recalled riding their bicycles here as kids (when it was the general store) to buy candy. So, now I carry some fun candies, because I cherish the nostalgia of this building being such a joyful childhood memory.

Photo: David Sack

Tell us why you chose Cutchogue as your destination for NFA?

I love and live in Cutchogue, but it was this building that convinced me that this was the right place. This farmhouse has a wonderful 200-year history. It was a general store and post office for a long time. Albert Einstein used to walk to this shop in the late 1930s during his summer stays on Nassau Point. He’d pick up his mail (we have the old post office boxes on display), discuss the news of the day, and gossip with the locals. I created the Apothecary with the hope that it would be a central place for locals and visitors to gather, connect with this incredible community, have a cup of coffee, and find beautiful, useful, and lasting things to make their North Fork lives happier.

Photo: David Sack

What are your favorite collections this summer season?

I am in love with the brands I’ve brought into the shop. I hand-select each one, meet with the makers, understand their ethos, and try on and test every item I carry. While it seems hard to imagine, it wasn’t that long ago that we knew the people who made our clothing and home goods personally — that is, if we didn’t make them ourselves. When I was a kid, my mom made a lot of my clothing and costumes, my grandmother knitted my sweaters, and my dad made toys and art with me all the time. Sadly, much of that has been lost to fast fashion and easy consumption. I’m trying to restore a bit of that connection and pride in the collections I carry. Relwen for men, Banjanan’s dresses, Bembien’s woven bags and totes, and Shed Textile’s local hand-woven textiles are great examples of thoughtful design and exquisite craftsmanship. I’ve even created my own line of hand-made, small-batch perfumes, candles, lotions, and soaps, based on my North Fork memories.

What are some of your favorite trends of late?

I don’t think people gravitate to the North Fork with trends in mind. In my opinion, the ultimate North Fork lifestyle is all about quiet and practical luxury. My philosophy is “buy less; buy better.” I focus on clothing and décor that prioritizes longevity alongside beauty. People are looking for pieces that not only look beautiful, but also fit easily into multiple facets of their lives — today, tomorrow, and next year. My clients have come to know that every item I carry has a story behind it. They love learning the who and how it was made, and from where the makers draws their inspiration. I love the romance of curating an ever-evolving assortment for the Apothecary, from finding the best quality jeans, to women’s shirts that have the perfect button spacing, to scouring markets for fun vintage finds. My latest obsessions are vintage festival ball caps, silver lighters, and old money clips. My dad always carried a money clip, so it makes me think of him every time I find one.

Photo: David Sack

You have had events at the shop. What were they and is there anything else coming up?

We’ve had two pop-ups with Jenni Kayne — the ultimate luxury California lifestyle brand. We’ll be doing another one this fall because everyone loves Jenni’s cashmere fishermen’s sweaters! I’ve also done fundraising events for ELIH, and my own charity named Cat Space. You can learn more at @nofocatspace.

I have lots of fun events starting in August and going straight through Autumn.

There is the Shop for Peconic Community School on Tuesday, August 8, from 2 to 6 PM. Twenty percent of all sales go to building their new school in Cutchogue.

I went to Provence last year and met a truffle farmer, whose family has owned a small plot of land for over 100 years. He sent me some beautiful black Summer truffles that his adorable dog sniffed out. I’ve collaborated with Master Beekeeper Chris Kelly to spin some golden magic with hyper local honey.

We’re launching North Fork Apothecary’s French Truffle Honey at the beginning of August. Be on the look out for craft cocktail classes that will combine our Nassau Point Honey with the fruits of the North Fork’s Autumn harvest for the yummiest seasonal drinks.

On Friday, August 25, I’m curating a special Night Market at Meadowlark Vineyard in Cutchogue. It will be my own little curiosity shop for one evening only!

The greatest gift of being a shopkeeper are the people I meet. One of my favorites is Deborah Feingold, the legendary music photographer. Together, we have conjured a few events for September and October. “Deborah Feingold, Life Behind the Lens, An Intimate Evening of Storytelling” is the event. From her most iconic images to photos that have never been published, Deborah is a beautiful blend of humor, humility, and raw instinctual talent honed over a 50-year career. Her stories absolutely charm and captivate. Deborah will also host a series of photography classes focusing on everything from the North Fork’s natural beauty, to editorial shoots, and portraits. I’m optimistic I’ll be able to create something as profound as her images of Barack Obama or Madonna.

Through Deborah, I have become friends with world-renowned hairstylist Yves Durif, who has a salon in the famous Carlyle Hotel in New York City. Yves is a true artist and master of his craft. His favorite cut is one that looks great, even when you first fall out of bed… complete effortless style. Yves takes his inspiration from the movie stars of the ’60s such as Jean Seberg in “Breathless,” Brigitte Bardot in “And God Created Woman,” and young French actresses such as Juliette Binoche, Audrey Tautou, and Léa Seydoux.

I’m thrilled to announce that Yves Durif will be kicking off a North Fork residency at The Apothecary on Saturday and Sunday, September 9 to 10. I’m also working to bring my favorite novelists, poets, artists, tarot card readers, musicians, skin care gurus, and even Victorian magic out to the Apothecary for special events.

Photo: David Sack

You’ve been a retailer on the North Fork for a long time. Are you local?

I grew up on Long Island and lived in the West Village before moving to Cutchogue. My family bought a home just down the road from the Apothecary in the mid-1980s. Like many people, we started out as weekenders. I met and fell in love with my husband David out here 15 years ago. He’s a television editor. Once he was able to set up an editing studio in a spare bedroom, we made the move to full-time residents. That was 10 years ago! I continued my work as a marketing and experiential event consultant until the pandemic. Opening a shop was an idea born from my selfish desire to find quality stuff without having to go to the Hamptons or the city. I craved the connection that comes from meeting kindred spirits in a relaxed and bespoke space. I knew other people felt the same way. I started in Greenport and was there for two years. I closed that shop and opened in this historic spot in Cutchogue last October. The shop is a light-filled space brimming with positive energy — a whole new concept with more and better quality brands. People (especially me) are so happy to visit.

Photo: David Sack

There are a lot of stores that go on hiatus after summer, yet you’re open year-round. How is business during the off-season?

I’m open year-round because I live here year round, and the one thing I know for sure is that we all need stuff regardless of what month it says on the calendar. The Apothecary borders a residential neighborhood, so its super easy for people to visit in between school pick-up runs, soccer games, or on their way to the grocers. Sometimes it’s a new lipstick to brighten up a dreary winter day, sometimes it’s a birthday gift for yourself or someone you love. Some days you just want to connect with another human and talk about your morning walk on the beach, or what to pack for a Spring holiday. I’ve always been very hospitality focused, so my daily life at the Apothecary is full of personal touches and (hopefully) meaningful interactions. I will happily curate a capsule of clothing for any occasion. I offer local delivery to a home or hotel. I offer personal styling and home decorating. I’ll open after hours or on off-days if that’s what works best for a client. I’m very active in community events. And, as an added bonus, I tell my clients that I have opinions and recommendations regarding everything North Fork — whether it pertains to the shop or not. I say this in a cheeky way, but in all earnestness, it’s a heartfelt homage to this building, I’m hoping to continue the tradition and art of gathering, connecting and being the North Fork’s purveyor of quality and luxury.

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