Summer In A Bottle: Joey Wӧlffer On The 10 Year Anniversary & Launch Of Sauvignon Blanc

Recognized for its lively flavors and distinctive packaging, Summer in a Bottle Rosé has encapsulated the spirit of the Hamptons, captivating wine enthusiasts of every generation. To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Summer in a Bottle, Wölffer Estate Vineyard has introduced the Summer in a Bottle Sauvignon Blanc 2023. We had the opportunity to speak with co-owner Joey Wölffer to find out more.

Could you walk us through the journey of the Summer in a Bottle concept? How did the idea come about? 

Our friends have always told me and Marc that Wölffer is synonymous with summer, so when we sat down to brainstorm ideas and opportunities, the concept of “Summer in a Bottle” stood out to us the most. The name was originally used for an ad campaign that ran in a fundraiser program, and the design proposal blew us all away! It had florals, fauna, and butterflies all around the page and I vividly remember Roman, our winemaker, suggested, “Why not make a rosé and actually call it Summer in a Bottle?” It was a genius idea, and our first vintage was produced in 2014. We made 1,500 cases and sold out in just three weeks! Each year, we increased production. I remember an article in the NY Post, “Rosé running dangerously low in the Hamptons.” That was the year our Summer in a Bottle Rosé sold out in August, signaling we were onto something big. Now, producing rosé on three continents and distributing in 36 states and nine countries, we are proud to be one of the world’s leading quality wine producers.

When it really took off, did you expect it to have the impact it did, introducing so many to rosé?

We started with just 1,500 cases, wondering if any of it would sell, and not only did it surpass our expectations, but from then on, people were, and still are, clamoring for it! Now, tens of thousands of cases are put out every year to quench the thirst for it, and it’s launched a smattering of other-like bottlings, including our brand new Summer in a Bottle Sauvignon Blanc, which launched earlier this month! Our Summer in a Bottle line is pretty iconic and has attracted a loyal following from the get-go, and it has now become the de rigeur drink of the Hamptons — and any summer location, for that matter!

You’ve expanded to also include Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence. Can you talk about each of the versions and how the Long Island and the Provence wines represent their respective regions?

Wölffer’s European roots, and Provence being the birthplace of rosé, was the natural choice and inspiration for the Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence launch. It is made at Chevron Villete’s Château Reillanne, just north of Saint-Tropez, France. The perfectly pale light rosé color consists of amazing aromas of tangerine, citrus, peach, and lovely floral notes. The Côtes de Provence is a sibling to Wölffer’s famous Summer in a Bottle Rosé.

Summer in a Bottle Long Island was created in admiration of summertime in the Hamptons. We used nine varieties grown in different vineyard sites, harvesting each lot at the perfect time. This diversity gives us complexity, and through careful blending, we achieve a balanced rosé with lots of fruit flavors, complementing the wine’s structure and fresh acidity. It merges Provençal delicate complexity with the brand’s signature casual yet elegant American style, delivering a European élan and sophistication to this much-loved Hamptons staple.

We stayed true to both regions, which is not easily done. It’s the perfect destination wine taking the best qualities from both the Hamptons-style and Saint-Tropez.

Over the past ten years, what are a few of your most enjoyable memories that include Summer in a Bottle?

My most enjoyable memories with Summer in a Bottle are with friends and family. And, of course, my favorite time of year to enjoy it is during the summertime while entertaining at our home in Sag Harbor where we’ve spent countless birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and life’s special moments.

You’ve recently launched the Summer in a Bottle Sauvignon Blanc. What inspired this?

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Summer in a Bottle, we couldn’t think of a better time to introduce Summer in a Bottle Sauvignon Blanc, which is completely new! The clean, crisp, and bright wine perfectly reflects our roots. The bottle design mirrors the landscape surrounding the vineyard in the Hamptons. Every element of the label reflects our winery’s dedication to sustainable winemaking and memories such as sunset beach walks and hikes in Hither Hills.

What are you most looking forward to this summer on the East End?

I’m really looking forward to enjoying our new Sauvignon Blanc with my family and friends. Whether we’re at the Wine Stand during sunset, spending a day at the beach, or lounging around our pool, it’s the perfect companion and pairs well with everything! Because of Sauvignon Blanc, my summer will be a lot more fun!

Jessica Mackin-Cipro


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