Up-And-Coming Agents To Know In Hamptons Real Estate: Samantha Pace

Nestled along the glistening shores of Hampton Bays, Samantha Pace‘s journey in luxury real estate reads like a love letter to the East End itself. With deep local roots, her innate understanding of this coveted enclave transcends transactions — it’s about cultivating lasting relationships and crafting seamless experiences that resonate.

Drawing from familial entrepreneurship, Pace’s trajectory mirrors her commitment to excellence. From her childhood visions of property development to present efforts, her fondness remains palpable, driven by curiosity about the competitive world of real estate investments.

But Pace’s prowess extends beyond business — it’s woven into her active Hamptons lifestyle, blending opulence and serenity. For her, real estate is a calling devoted to clients’ aspirations and the relentless pursuit of their Hamptons dreams.

As a beacon of trustworthiness and motivation, Pace personifies the transformative strength of partnership in luxury real estate. Her ability to navigate the nuances of the Hamptons market with grace has earned a reputation as a confidante among her esteemed clientele. We spoke with Pace of Saunders & Associates about her journey and how she sees the world of real estate.

Samantha Pace. Courtesy of Saunders & Associates

Can you share some insights into why the Hamptons are such a desirable destination for real estate investors and homeowners alike, especially from the perspective of someone who grew up there?

As a lifelong resident of Hampton Bays, I have a profound understanding of the allure of the Hamptons. This region has long captivated homeowners and real estate investors alike for numerous reasons. With its breathtaking natural scenery, pristine beaches, and picturesque farmland, the Hamptons offer an oasis of tranquility, especially appealing for vacation homes, particularly in the summer months. Situated within reach of New York City, it serves as an enticing retreat for affluent urbanites seeking a weekend escape or summer sanctuary, allowing those to experience the best of both worlds.

In recent years, the Hamptons have further enhanced their desirability, with the emergence of luxury shopping boutiques, gourmet dining options, and exclusive social events during the summer season. Real estate in the Hamptons has consistently proven to be a lucrative investment, with property values steadily appreciating due to high demand and limited supply. Many investors recognize owning property in the Hamptons as a fruitful opportunity for both capital appreciation and rental income, particularly during the peak summer season when rental demand is at its peak.

With your background in luxury real estate marketing, what unique strategies do you employ to ensure maximum exposure and value for your clients’ properties in the competitive Hamptons market?

With extensive experience in luxury real estate marketing, I am dedicated to presenting my clients’ homes in the best light possible. Employing effective strategies across print, digital advertising, and social media platforms, my aim is to enhance exposure. Supported by Saunders & Associates, the Hamptons leading real estate brokerage firm, together we deliver exceptional value. Our partnerships with top print and digital advertisers, coupled with affiliations with New York Title and Hamptons.com, affirm our dedication to offering unmatched value to our clients and customers.

Building relationships seems to be a core aspect of your approach to real estate. How do you cultivate these connections with your clients, and how does this philosophy contribute to the success of your transactions?

In the Hamptons, you belong to a tight-knit community. The saying “it’s a small world” truly applies here. I strongly advocate for nurturing relationships with those you collaborate with. Ultimately, my clients rely on me to guide them through significant life changes, and I’m committed to supporting them in every step of their journey. Building relationships fosters trust, and I have become someone my clients can trust in and depend on.

Your family’s entrepreneurial background and your passion for real estate development have undoubtedly shaped your approach to the industry. How do these experiences influence the way you assist your clients in achieving their real estate goals?

From a young age, my father, an entrepreneur, instilled in me the value of going the extra mile for customers to cultivate trust in relationships. My interest in real estate sparked early on, fueled by a fascination with home flipping. Interestingly enough, my fiancé shares the same passion, and together, we’re embarking on our first spec build. I still remember when I started at Saunders discussing my five to 10-year goals with Steve, the VP of Advertising and Marketing, and now here I am years later, pursuing those very aspirations. The pursuit of my own goals fuels my passion to assist others in achieving theirs.

Engaging in a development project alongside your fiancé must offer unique insights into the real estate landscape of the Hamptons. Can you tell us more about this project and how it reflects your vision for the future of the area?

It has provided invaluable insights into the world of new construction. Embarking on our first spec build together has been deeply rewarding. Each step has brought new lessons in the intricacies of construction and the importance of craftsmanship in home design. 779 Noyack Road, Southampton, the forthcoming residence by RRC Builders, offers a remarkable pre-completion opportunity in Southampton Shores. With roughly 4,653 square feet spanning three levels, alongside a heated gunite pool and spa, this home presents exceptional value. Its future residents will enjoy access to a private beach, community tennis, bocce and basketball courts, a marina, and more. With burgeoning new developments, this area offers convenience, low taxes, and proximity to Sag Harbor Village, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking a primary residence, vacation retreat, or investment property in the Hamptons real estate market.

An active lifestyle seems to be an integral part of who you are. How does your commitment to health and wellness inform your approach to real estate, and how do you balance these interests with the demands of your profession?

Maintaining a healthy mindset is essential, and exercise plays a key role in achieving it. Whether I’m at the gym, attending a yoga or Pilates class, or enjoying a run, I remain accessible to my clients. As my own boss, I have the flexibility ensuring I can balance work and hobbies effectively. For me, achieving and maintaining this balance is essential for a fulfilling lifestyle.

As someone deeply connected to the Hamptons lifestyle, what are some lesser-known aspects of the area that you believe potential buyers should be aware of when considering investing in the region?

During the off-season, the Hamptons exude charm, offering a tranquil atmosphere away from the summer crowds. Each village and hamlet has its unique vibe, from Sag Harbor’s historic charm to Montauk’s laid-back atmosphere. Exploring hidden gems like secluded nature trails and local cafes reveals the true essence of the area. While luxury properties are often associated with the Hamptons, there are also opportunities for more affordable investments, such as fixer-uppers or properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods. With the guidance of a knowledgeable local real estate agent, buyers can uncover hidden gems and find investment opportunities tailored to their preferences and budgets.

Trust is crucial in the real estate industry. How do you ensure that your clients feel confident and secure throughout the buying or selling process, especially in such a high-stakes market like the Hamptons?

To me, it goes beyond a mere transaction; it’s about cultivating lasting relationships with my clients. My goal is to foster clear and transparent communication, prioritize their needs, adhere to ethical standards, and provide unwavering support and guidance whenever required.

Can you share a memorable success story from your career in luxury real estate, where your dedication to your clients’ needs led to a particularly satisfying outcome?

In the early stages of my sales career, I am proud to say that I now have multiple exclusive listings, two properties currently in contract as a selling agent, and worked with tenants to find the ideal summer rental for an unforgettable Hamptons experience.

One memorable success story from my career in luxury real estate involved a client in search of the perfect summer rental in the Hamptons. With specific requirements regarding location and amenities, the search was thorough and extensive. After numerous showings and diligent efforts, I was thrilled to secure a home that impeccably aligned with their criteria, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for my client.

What sets you apart as a luxury realtor in the Hamptons, and how do you envision yourself continuing to make a positive impact in the industry in the years to come?

With a diverse background in luxury real estate marketing, I bring a wealth of experience to ensure your home is marketed properly. Additionally, I possess expertise in home building, renovations, and local zoning laws and regulations, and maintain strong connections with local architects, builders, and interior designers. Joining sales almost a year ago was a pivotal moment for me, aligning perfectly with my true calling. Since then, I’ve remained steadfast in my commitment to not only pursuing my own goals but also providing exceptional service to my clients.

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