ChaiFlicks Launches ‘Two Jews Making Food’

ChaiFlicks, the world’s leading streaming platform for Jewish storytelling, has launched the series “Two Jews Making Food” this month.

On January 11, ChaiFlicks began streaming “Two Jews Making Food,” a popular local Hamptons-based cooking series from Amy Steinhaus Kirwin and Rebecca Edana. The half-hour series, which currently airs on LTV, is hosted by Kirwin and Edana, who share recipes, have fun, and feed the world with humor and delicious noshes.

“‘Two Jews Making Food’ is the perfect new addition to our ever-growing lineup of Jewish-themed and produced content from across the globe,” said ChaiFlicks’ Co-Founder Heidi Bogin Oshin. “Amy and Rebecca have created a fun, insightful cooking series that we believe will resonate with our subscribers.”

“We are so excited to broaden our reach by joining the ChaiFlicks family. What started as a fun way to connect with friends and family on social media has grown far beyond what we could have imagined, and it brings us great joy to create these 30 minutes of delicious schtick,” shared Amy and Rebecca. “Food is one of the great equalizers. Ya gotta eat! We love trying new things, whether from our Jewish roots or other cultures, and so much of what we cook has an interesting and often funny backstory.”

Each episode of “Two Jews Making Food” is filmed at LTV Studios in East Hampton and focuses on one or more menu items, sometimes, but not always, of Jewish origin, plus a special cocktail. Kirwin and Edana also tap into their parents, grandparents, and friends for the popular segment “The Yiddish Lesson of the Day.”

“Two Jews Making Food” began in Rebecca’s kitchen in October of 2019 after Amy learned that Rebecca was throwing a Hanukkah party and had not invited her, only to learn that it was a family affair. From that, they decided they would cook a holiday meal together and film it for their mothers. But then Amy had the hair-brained idea to share it live on Facebook, and the rest is history. After attempting to continue the show via Zoom during the pandemic, the two eventually moved production to LTV Studios in East Hampton, which produces content for public access. They are now in their third season, having just completed episode 37.

More about “Two Jews Making Food” can be found at and @twojewsmakingfood on Instagram.

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