Cocktail Recipe: The Pridwin’s Tomato Girl Summer Inspired ‘Not Your Everyday Caprese’

Inspired by the Mediterranean coast and carefree living, the “Tomato Girl Summer” trend has been sweeping the internet. For those who want to live out their tomato girl dreams this summer with no trip to the Mediterranean in sight, The Crescent Bar at The Pridwin has a tomato cocktail to transport you. The “Not Your Everyday Caprese” cocktail is created by The Terrace Bar Manager, Gillian Georges.

Not Your Everyday Caprese


• Muddled ripe summer tomatoes, roughly chopped

• Muddled fresh garden basil

• 2 oz London Dry Gin

• .5 oz lemon

• .5 oz Demerara syrup

• .25 oz Sherry vinegar


• Add to cocktail shaker; shake vigorously with large ice cube

• Add 2 dashes of angostura bitters

• Serve in a Collins glass, topped with a splash of soda

• Garnish: Muddled basil and fresh cherry tomato, Sherry vinegar

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