Elaia Estiatorio Luncheon With Freddie & Jenny Cipoletti

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Bridgehampton’s Elaia Estiatorio teamed up with beloved husband-and-wife duo Jenny and Freddie Cipoletti to serve an exclusive Greek lunch on Sunday, May 22. Guests mingled over crisp Greek wine before sitting at a floral adorned table of family-style Greek plates and dessert.

Photo by Judith Rae

Elaia co-owner Sofia Crokos asked each individual to introduce themselves around the table, sharing personal passions and mutual interests. Sofia and Freddie crafted a limited-time, locally-sourced Lythrini Skaras, the “Freddie Cipoletti Special,” a whole grilled red snapper with herbs, lemon, Greek oregano, and latholemono, highlighting Elaia’s Greek tastes and Freddie’s creative twists. This collaborative dish was served at the luncheon and lives on the Elaia menu as a special currently.

Jenny & Freddie Cipoletti. Photo by Judith Rae

“To host, to cook, to gather and entertain. As a couple in life and in creativity, we find ourselves amidst moments like these that are the culmination of what we cherish most in life,” shared Jenny and Freddie about the event. “It’s the driving force behind all that we do and create.” 

Utilizing Sofia’s expertise from Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle and Jenny’s eye for design, the event showcased both women’s talent for aesthetics and event planning. The bespoke gathering invited a select group of guests to enjoy shared passions for beauty and flavor over a Greek feast.

“I am extremely passionate about connections and aligning with creatively inspiring people. These bespoke collaborations are compelling to me because they incorporate my appreciation for design, beauty, and flavor, encouraged by my Greek roots and love of my country’s gastronomy. I love to meet people and hear their stories; the lovely Cipolettis were a perfect couple to launch the summer out East,” said Crokos.

Photo by Judith Rae

Lythrini Skaras – ‘Freddie Cipoletti Special’ At Elaia Estiatorio

(Whole Grilled Red Snapper with herbs, lemon, Greek oregano, latholemono)


● Whole Red Snapper (scaled, gutted, cleaned)

● 10 cloves of garlic

● 2 Bulbs of garlic

● 1/8 cup fresh parsley

● 1/4 cup olive oil

● 2 tbsp Sweet basil

● 1 Cup of mixed microgreens

● 1 1/2 Lemons thinly sliced

● 2 Red onions

● 2 White onions

● Salt and pepper to taste

Judith Rae Photography


1. Slice on an angle 4 cuts on each side of the fish (8 total)

2. In a mortar and pestle mix 6 cloves of garlic, 1/8 cup fresh parsley, 1/4 cup olive oil, and 2 Tbsp sweet basil. Once you crush and mash the mixture to a silky consistency, spread in between the slices and the outside of the fish.

3. Stuff fish with 1 cup of mixed microgreens that include cilantro, 6 cloves crushed garlic and 1 1/2 lemons thinly sliced. Drizzle inside with olive oil and sprinkle 2 Tbsps of salt (save some microgreens for garnish).

4. Sprinkle fish with 2 Tbsp of salt on each side.

5. Drizzle with olive oil on both sides about 1/4 cup total.

6. Before placing on the grill, make sure the grill has been preheated to max heat and brush the grate with oil.

7. Grill fish over high heat uncovered until lightly charred and it releases easily from the grate for about 10 minutes. Turn fish over and cook another 10 minutes.

8. Transfer fish to a platter and let stand for 10 minutes. Drizzle with oil, and lightly salt.

9. Use leftover micro greens as garnish along with 2 lemons cut in half and grilled face down until slightly brown and grill marks are present.

10. Cut 2 bulbs of garlic, 2 red and 2 white onions, half coated in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled face down for 10 minutes until grill marks are present.

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