Weekly Wellness With Nikki On The Daily: 5 Ways to Reestablish a Fitness Routine This Summer

Now that pandemic regulations have eased, our bodies might not feel so “open for business.” Despite the good weather, at-home workout equipment, and fitness studios allowing masked classes for months, for some the motivation simply hasn’t returned. Like everything else, many of us shut down. We became lethargic, apathetic, dare I even say lazy. We let our emotions run us and our physical health, unfortunately, took a backseat. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Individuals of all levels have struggled to reestablish a fitness routine as a result of the pandemic. It’s natural, and it’s normal. But the longer we wait to get back on our feet the harder it will be to see, and feel, the results. So, why not start now?

5 Ways to Reestablish a Fitness Routine This Summer

1. Visualize Success

True story: Before he achieved blockbuster status, actor Jim Carrey, broke at the time, wrote himself a $10 million check for “acting services rendered.” He dated it Thanksgiving 1995 and kept the check in his wallet for years. In November of 1995 he landed his famous role in Dumb and Dumber for $10 million.

Jim Carrey did what’s called visualization, he physically saw the success he wanted to achieve. When reestablishing a fitness routine the same method can apply. Envision your future self — beyond the body image (that’s a toxic rabbit hole). Pick clothes you want to wear, a race you want to cross the finish line, a mountain you want to climb (literally), a workout you want to complete. Create a physical marker for success and visualize yourself achieving those goals.

2. Make Time

A popular quote that circled the internet is, “If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.” One of the biggest excuses for why we fall out of line with our fitness goals is because we don’t make time for them. We get carried away with other, seemingly more important, obligations — work, family, friends, errands. But reestablishing a fitness routine is not only important, it’s crucial to future wellbeing.

Set your alarm a little earlier each day — five to 10 minutes, an hour, whatever helps you establish a new routine. Use that extra time to jumpstart your day. Work out, make coffee, send emails, how you utilize it is up to you. What matters is that you have the time to accomplish all of your goals for the day, including your fitness routine.

3. Do More of What You Love

The best way to reestablish a fitness routine is by doing the things you already enjoy. Do you love to go for a run? surf? Yoga? bike? Choose the activity that is the path of least resistance. Then, make a commitment to do it more often. Remind yourself what feels natural and reward yourself by incorporating it into your new daily, or weekly, fitness routine.

4. Try New Things

Once you begin to activate your muscles again, try a new workout or two. When reestablishing a fitness routine, you want to understand how your body has changed and adapt accordingly. Fortunately, the pandemic awarded us virtual fitness classes that make it easier than ever to workout from anywhere. If you’re uncomfortable trying something new in public, if you can, test the new activity from the comfort of your home. Or, start with a guest pass before committing. Not only will it help you understand your body better but it will add some needed excitement that might’ve been lost during the past year.

5. Meditate

When our mind is anxious our body reacts — we sweat, shake, our heart races. Take a few minutes a day to quiet the chaos of the outside world, and what the past year has been like. Ground yourself in the moment. As you reestablish a new fitness routine, it will take time to adjust mentally as well as physically. Meditation helps to optimize focus and energy by reducing stress so that you get the most of any workout. Ultimately, it will create a paved road to your fitness success.

As you reestablish your new fitness routine this summer take it day by day. Visualize where you want to be, enjoy a longer day, remember what you love, try something new, and focus on the moment. Above all, be consistent. Commit to a better you and remain positive that you can, and will, stay on this fitness journey.

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Nicole Teitler

Nicole Teitler is an award-winning journalist from Long Island, better known professionally as Nikki On The Daily™. She has reported for numerous publications but is mostly remembered by her work for Hamptons based publication, The Independent Newspaper. In addition to her love of writing, Nicole is an animal rescue and wildlife advocate. In her spare time, she can be found guzzling coffee, hiking, or trying new restaurants. Follow @nikkionthedaily / www.nikkionthedaily.com

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