Oxford Design Studio’s Hampton Designer Showhouse Bedroom

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Oxford Design Studio is a full-service interior design firm based in Tampa, Florida led by Tate Casper and Jordan Winston. What began as the in-house design services department for the Oxford Exchange has now grown into a full-service independent design studio with clients across the country. Through the development of the Oxford Exchange, they saw opportunities for a fresh aesthetic in the market and set about realizing their vision for a new kind of interior design firm, founded on the ideals of authenticity, exploration, curation, and heritage.

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Tate and Jordan, who together share over 20 years of design experience, work with clients across the country to create layered and welcoming environments, by mixing contemporary art, classic silhouettes, and clever detailing. Travel serves as one of the greatest sources of inspiration for Tate and Jordan who inject nuanced narratives and a dynamic worldview into each of their projects, resulting in curated and timeless spaces.

Oxford Design Studio’s Hampton Designer Showhouse bedroom pays homage to the casual, yet sophisticated historic Hamptons homes that emerged alongside the fishing villages. Designers Tate Casper and Jordan Winston chose a palette that incorporated
demure blues and soft greens with neutral linens to evoke laid-back luxury.

Courtesy of Oxford Design Studio

The bedroom features a layered composition, made special with the eclectic mix of
fabrics and incorporation of antiques, balanced with Luke Diiorios’ whimsical art
installation. The refined room speaks to an individual with a love for travel, European
antiques, and collected art and objects.

A collection of French antique bamboo mirrors from the late 1800s not only nod to
the seaside setting but also create a quirky dynamic when paired next to the
contemporary art piece. The balancing of the two symbolizes Tate and Jordan’s
respect for the past while remaining current.

For additional information, visit oxfordexchangedesign.com and follow @oxforddesign on Instagram.

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