Serafina Launches Pizza Collaboration With Ubah Hassan 

Ubah Hassan, “Real Housewives of New York” star and founder of UBAH HOT, has teamed up with Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato of Serafina Restaurant Group to launch UBAH HOT Pizza. This new pizza collaboration is a spicy take on a margherita pizza using habanero infused san marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, finely sliced habanero and basil julienne. The pizza launched on Tuesday, September 12, and is available at all 13 of Serafina’s New York City locations.

“Embracing gluten with gratitude, because honestly, pizza’s the reigning champ of mood-lifting eats!” said Ubah Hassan. “Whether it’s a solo munch session or a party with pals, no matter the temperature, the pizza vibe is HOT. And those primo ingredients at Serafina’s? They’ve turned me into an even bigger fan.”

This partnership is a natural fit as Hassan is longtime friends of Serafina Restaurant Group owners Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato. Channeling her zest for life Hassan also created a hot sauce company in 2021 to elevate her healthy diet with African flavor. To pay homage to UBAH HOT, Hassan worked with the Serafina team to create a tomato sauce that included habanero peppers to spice up its flavor. To tie in her passion for healthy eating Serafina crafts their pizza dough with Italian doppio zero flour or “00” flour which is similar to a sough dough. The dough rests for 72 hours which results in a much lighter, crispier and easier to digest pizza.

“Fabio and I met Ubah several years ago when she first arrived in New York for her modeling career. We were both mesmerized by her wonderful personality and contagious energy. We talked about her passion for food for hours and about her dream to develop a super spicy habanero sauce,” said Vittorio Assaf.

“The recipe was passed down from her mother and her grandmother. When given the opportunity to collaborate on the UBAH HOT pizza project, we immediately loved the idea and jumped in with a ton of enthusiasm. After weeks of recipes and trials together, we reached a unique recipe we are sure you will love and can’t wait for you to try,” said Fabio Granato.

Visit, to find out where to try UBAH HOT Pizza.



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