Empowered Movement With Katia Pryce, DanceBody CEO Talks Pregnancy

Movement empowers us in different ways at different ages and stages of life. No one understands that better than the founder and CEO of DanceBody Katia Pryce.

DanceBody LIVE Pre and Postnatal workouts online were freshly launched on Mother’s Day of this year. We got down to baby business — she’s due on August 19th! — with Katia.

You’ve had pregnancy workouts before.

We had to run 70 videos that live in our DanceBody LIVE Pre and Postnatal category. Our trainers Dani and Maeve would organize how they’d work out when they were pregnant. It’s organized by trimester, which is pretty unique as I found out with prenatal workouts. No one really organizes them that way. 

But this launch is different. Now you’ve got a baby bump yourself!

I’ve been doing this for 10 years. Going through this, I have a better sense of what people need during that time. I filmed 30 videos myself and I’ve noticed that things really do change from trimester to trimester. Unless you’ve gone through it yourself, personally in your body, it really does feel different. So I’ve taken the time to refresh it. It’s helpful for people to have some guidance. 

What are the changes you’ve noticed from trimester to trimester?

In the first trimester, you’re probably super nauseous or fatigued. Even if you’re in really great shape you’re likely not working out to your full capabilities. Then in your second trimester, it’s like you are back. At least that’s my experience. Then, by the third, you might have energy but your body feels so much more limited. And no matter what workout you’ve been doing you need to modify it. 

How about postnatal?

The fourth trimester is very underrepresented in the fitness world. No one talks about postnatal, or postpartum. One of my trainers, Maeve, has been through that and is going through that journey. It’s not just trainers who guess what it’s like. It’s real trainers going through and understanding how it feels during the process.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about your body during pregnancy?

It has been a very humbling experience, overall. You have theories about how you might feel during pregnancy, then there’s what actually happens. I’m very grateful to feel very good about my pregnancy. To continue moving and continue my lifestyle, for the most part. I’m experiencing it the way I experience my life: an object in motion stays in motion. I’ve had to amend my workouts. I definitely have not been able to keep the same workout schedule, at all. 

Has it changed the way you view your body?

Very specifically, it brought up body image. I thought I dealt with that in the past and didn’t need to deal with that anymore. But my body image didn’t change in the past 10 years because I’ve been very consistent. But, all of a sudden, when you’re pregnant, you’re no longer in control of what’s going on in your body. You have to roll with it.

What’s your advice for pregnant women on the move?

A woman’s gut instinct is strong. When you are pregnant it’s even stronger. I hope that women honor their feelings and gut intuition. At the end of the day, you will know when something’s wrong. You will feel it. As long as you’re connected to your body, you’re paying attention, and you’re listening you’ll be okay. 

Can anyone work out during pregnancy?

No one’s going to tell you to start exercising when you’re pregnant but I think most people should exercise while they’re pregnant. You will combat most of the negatives that come along with pregnancy if you can continue to keep your body in movement.  Energy begets energy. If you aren’t doing anything that produces energy you’ll probably lose energy. A good rule of thumb is whatever you were doing three months before pregnancy, consistently, you can do it during pregnancy. Typically, unless you are high-risk or unless your doctor says otherwise. Always consult your healthcare provider. Don’t try and be in your best shape during pregnancy. You want to keep some modicum of structure and movement in your life. You’ll sleep better. You’ll have reduced aches and pains. You definitely won’t feel as anxious or depressed. 

DanceBody evolves with you (DanceBody Bride, DanceBody Pregnancy). What’s next?

Lifting a heavier weight and doing low-impact cardio. We already have classes that cater to that. The new 8-pound hex weight is huge. Our Sculpt+ classes are the most popular classes on the schedule. People want a heavier weight. They want to move a little slower. It’s a great building block class. Dance cardio is fun but it alone does not a healthy body make. You have to make sure that you’re still doing functional training and strength-building on top of it. 

Keep moving this summer and check out all DanceBody is up to in the Hamptons, New York City, and beyond at dancebody.com.

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