The Parrish Art Museum Honors 89 Young Artists For Their Work In Student Exhibition

The Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill is honoring 89 young artists for their outstanding work in the 2022 Student Exhibition. The award winners were selected from more than 300 high school student participants by Neill Slaughter, painter and retired professor of Visual Art at Long Island University, C.W. Post campus.

On Saturday, April 9, from 3 to 4 PM, Parrish Deputy Director Melanie Crader and Slaughter will honor the students at the Museum with Awards of Excellence to 72 Seniors, and “Ones to Watch” awards to 17 underclassmen. The event is open to the public.

“Having spent a considerable time reviewing all the artwork, I am certainly cognizant of what is entailed in the creative endeavors I witnessed in this year’s exhibition and want to compliment everyone’s efforts — from the artists to the teachers — who continually motivate these young artists to rise admirably to the challenge of creating such a wide range of art in a multitude of media,” said Slaughter.

“The Parrish’s annual exhibition of student art serves to affirm the importance of art education this and every year,” said Education Director Cara Conklin-Wingfield. “The work of participating teachers demonstrates their deep commitment to art education, their students, and the community. We cannot thank them, and Neill, enough.”

Since 1956, the Parrish Art Museum has been showing the work of young artists from Eastern Long Island schools at the annual Student Exhibition, which provides an overview of the high level of creativity and accomplishment achieved in regional schools for generations. Students demonstrate imagination, enthusiasm, and technical skill in diverse media such as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, collage, and textiles.

The exhibition opened to the public on March 13, and closes on Sunday, April 24.

Here are the 2022 Student Exhibition honorees:



·         Rosalie Marfoglio, Shoreham Wading River

·         Ami Malsky, Eastport South Manor

·         Sasha McCarthy, Eastport South Manor

·         Angie Flores Oritz, Riverhead

·         Christopher McDonald, Riverhead

·         Hannah Witt, Riverhead

·         Daniela Rodriguez, Hampton Bays

·         Elmer Fuentes, William Floyd

·         Averie Sanchez, Westhampton Beach

·         Sudenaz Gulsen, Westhampton Beach

·         Sarah Spanburgh, Southampton

·         Jessica Valdes Ramos, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Giovanna Kalin, Miller Place

Mixed Media/Collage

·         Caroline Canavan, Pierson

·         Nusara Muongcharoen, Pierson

·         Zola Crandall, East Hampton

·         Lauren DeRosso, Shoreham Wading River

·         Angelina Rosario, Eastport South Manor

·         Robert Iannaccone, Eastport South Manor

·         Kaitlyn Kucera-Doherty, Eastport South Manor

·         Morgan Calhoun, Westhampton Beach

·         Isabella Pesce, Westhampton Beach

·         Myla Dougherty, Shelter Island


·         Matthew Rosario, East Hampton

·         Maya Feit, East Hampton

·         Maria Moncayo, East Hampton

·         Steven Japa, Hampton Bays

·         Betsy Castro, Bellport

·         Vivienne Love, Bellport

·         Marina Gustavson, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Kathryn Donohue, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Emma Albright, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Silvia Ramirez-Romero, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Michael Schwamb, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         William Hidalgo, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Rami Lawson, Ross

·         Simoneta Peon Herrero, Ross


·         Zephyr Lipman-Wulf, Pierson

·         Ella Glover, Mattituck

·         Ella Bistrain, East Hampton

·         Kym Bermeo, East Hampton

·         Chantel Roache, Center Moriches

·         Brennen Weinstein, Center Moriches

·         Ivy Ferrante, Eastport South Manor

·         Deanna Fiason, William Floyd

·         Dannylee Valencia, William Floyd

·         Caroline Luss, Southampton

·         Bridget Ferguson, Southampton

·         Fallon Broyles, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Amelia Regan, Ross

·         Zoe Kirszner, Ross

Sculpture/ 3-D

·         Anna Kastrati, East Hampton

·         Dillon Islami, East Hampton

·         Megan Sweeney, Center Moriches

·         Brianna Daman, Riverhead

·         Gio Maffetone, Riverhead

·         Juliana Riera Ortiz, Southampton

·         Javier Calyeca, Southampton

Digital Media

·         Nora Conlon, East Hampton

·         Shakya Jeufy, Riverhead

·         Carolina Marin, Riverhead

·         Brandon Baculima, Hampton Bays

·         Brianna Quiros, Hampton Bays

·         Talus Pinto, Southampton

·         David Ayala, Bellport

·         Alexia Benjamin, Bellport

·         Matthew Faraci, Gary D. Bixhorn

·         Sophie Disch, Ross

·         Kaylee Sanchez, Ross

·         Lukas Hommert, Ross

Ones to Watch

·         Abigail Barnabee, Grade 11, Westhampton Beach

·         Alex Bermundez, Grade 9, Hampton Bays

·         Ania Golebiowska, Grade 11, Ross

·         Cassidy Hewett, Grade 10, Pierson

·         Catalina Gutierrez, Grade 10, Ross

·         Claire Nemschick, Grade 11, Mattituck

·         Claire Paetzel, Grade 11, Mattituck

·         Fany Partillo, Grade 11, William Floyd

·         Jacqueline Thulin, Grade 11, Southampton

·         Kassidy Rohan, Grade 11, Westhampton Beach

·         Kate Walter, Grade 11, Miller Place

·         Logan O’Neill, Grade 11, Southampton

·         Madeline Day, Grade 11, Bellport

·         Olivia Phillips, Grade 10, Center Moriches

·         Reagan Walsh, Grade 11, Eastport South Manor

·         Sophie Lin, Grade 10, Miller Place

·         Tor Christensen, Grade 11, Westhampton Beach

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